The J.F.K. Assassination: Lone-Nut Gunman or Conspiracy

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The J.F.K. Assassination: Lone-Nut Gunman or Conspiracy

On Friday, November 22nd 1963 at 12:30 P.M. the 35th president of the United States of America, John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) assassinated while he rode in an open limousine though the streets of Dallas. This event, which abruptly and severely altered the course of history, it has created more controversy than any other single event. Some haunting questions still remain. "Who did it?" "Why did they do it?" "How was it done?" "Was there a cover up" The official answers complied by the Warren Commission have never satisfied the majority of the world's population. Even though the case went down in the records as an assassination still many people believe that Oswald was not working alone and had the help or was not even part of the assassination, but was the fall guy. This quote I found I feel has a great importance because it does make a great point, “. . . if you put the murdered President of the United States on one side of a scale and that wretched waif Oswald on the other side, it doesn't balance. You want to add something weightier to Oswald. It would invest the President's death with meaning, endowing him with martyrdom. He would have died for something. . . . A conspiracy would, of course, do the job nicely.” — William Manchester. This quote has great meaning because it does prove a point that Oswald, the convicted assassin, had no motive, at-least his motive still has never been discovered, not even to this day. We can never even have the chance to ask questions anymore because Oswald was assassinated by Jack Ruby on November 24 1963, so the secrets that he with-held will never be revealed the worlds unsatisfied people. In this following essay I will try to show you my opinion on who was responsible for the assassination of President JFK and the theory on how the government said it actually happened. I will support facts on the side of the conspiracy theory and the side of the lone gunman theory. I will try to show you, the reader, how each theory is presented and the flaws that they each have, then I will reveal to you my opinion on which theory I personally believe is right.

Kennedy had made many enemies while he held the position of president, but to this day I think the deadliest one of all was the Cubans. He was dis-liked by the Cubans, not because of his anti-communism feelings, but because one month after the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, rumors broke out in Cuban circles in Havana and Miami that the United States was planning to assassinate the Fidel Castro and his brother Raul. The assassination called for Fidel’s hench-men to switch side and betray Fidel. After this many Cubans had irrational hatred for the president, they often would draw cartoons and pictures of him, and one magazine even published a cartoon of the president and depicted him as a dope pusher injecting narcotics into the arms of children. After the assassination of President JFK during a press conference in Brazilian Embassy in Havana in early September, Castro told newsmen that CIA agents had been sent to the island to kill him and Raul. If Kennedy was behind this, he added, the American President should realize that he was not the only politician that could engineer the assassinations of chiefs of state. This statement only added to the mystery of the assassination and there are still no answers that have been released by the Cubans. The quote by Fidel has to have some importance in the deciding factor of the Warren Commission, because why would Fidel even bring up the subject of how it was kind of like a pay back for the rumors. It also brought up many questions like “What if the Cubans did do it, then how good is our security and how well can we protect our future presidents if this sort of thing happens again. And if Castro did need an assassin why would he pick Oswald? He would probably have picked somebody out of his country, someone who was also related to other communist countries the would have the chance to search among the Maoists, the Stalinists and the neo-Trotskyites-in another words, among people as disturbed, warped, hate-saturated and wicked as Oswald. I believe that he did look to choose someone from a different country, and maybe he did, because if they were in-fact caught and looked Cuban then that is where we would come asking questions too. But most people do believe that there was some sort of conspiracy and if this were true that the Cubans were some how involved why would Fidel even bring up the quote that he did. It just brought attention to him, because as soon as you read or hear it you automatically ask your self, How would he know? How does he know it was a conspiracy? I thought of all of these things and it still puzzles me, but I also thought that if he were involved in any way to the assassination that he would not say something as revealing as this. So it leaves many unanswered questions that will probably never be answered, but isn’t the whole topic just a big question that will probably never have a solid believable answer to it?

If you look at the facts of the single bullet theory it produces more then one flaw. If it were true that single bullet theory did what it did then the laws of physics would be use-less, because the bullet would have had to change directions more than once. Many reports have been done on single bullet theory and it shows from the Warren Commission that bullet would have had to pass through JFK, turn at about 90 degrees and then move straight ahead and rotate back 90 degrees, and after this still have enough momentum to pass through the body of Connally. This is impossible since an object moving at such a speed could not defy the laws of physics. If you look at video photo-age of JFK’s getting shot it clearly shows that he grabs the front of his neck and starts to fall backwards. If Oswald did actually shoot JFK from behind it would not cause him to fall back, but to fly forward and grab the back of his neck. The first autopsy of the president shows how there were entrance wounds on the front of the neck of the president and exit wounds from the back of the president’s neck. The autopsy was a key factor in the deciding of the assassination theory, conspiracy of lone-nut gunman. But after the autopsy was concluded there was another autopsy preformed and this autopsy, the cover up, shows different entrance and exit wounds. It shows the exact opposite of the first autopsy, it shows entrance wounds form the back of the president’s head and it shows exit wounds form the lower part of the front part of his neck. And after the second autopsy was preformed the documents and records of the first autopsy had mysteriously vanished. I believe that this was the first mistake they made in the cover up of the assassination and their second autopsy was just a cover up for the mistake of the first autopsy. It is hard to mistaken were entrance and exit wounds are, because entrance wounds are about the size of the bullet and are very clean, but exit wounds usually are big blown out chunks. Another factor to put into play for the single bullet theory is the fact that even the best of the professional marks men from the military could not even hit target that Oswald supposedly hit. Even if he could get lucky by hitting the president with his riffle once the chances of a second hit are almost zero. You also have to take in many factors in the luck of actually hitting the president because the car was speeding away at the moment that JFK was hit. Even though Oswald did have some military it wasn’t that of a sniper, he was actually with the marines on air control. Since Oswald Oswald had a perfect opportunity about 15 seconds earlier when the car had made a sharp turn and was traveling at about 5 mph. You have to ask yourself, Why didn’t Oswald take the shot there? Why would he wait until the car is traveling away from him at a velocity of 11 mph? So I believe that the single bullet theory is outrageous and how could a bullet pass through the body of JFK and still have enough momentum to pass not only through one, but four points of Governor Connally. But this also brings up, How did Governor Connally get the bullet wounds? This is just another one of the unanswerable questions that passes through the minds of the curious who wander about this historical catastrophe.

The Warren Commission was a very prestigious comity that was assembled to determine that actual out come of the Kennedy assassination and to write a report that would answer all of the questions and leave no one wandering what really happened. And still to this day many people believe that the commission was only assembled to cover up the mistakes of the assassination. On Chapter II section 11 shows what the commission found in the assassination, they show their idea of how the single bullet theory was what happened. If they were really going to cover up the idea that both Governor Connally and President Kennedy were shot they should have said that the bullet wounds inflicted on the two were caused by two different bullets. I would have figured that they would have covered this up the best because their single bullet theory is wrong and has been proven wrong many times by studies by countless number of people who did not and still don’t believe the final verdict. In the diagram I have above it clearly shows how the single bullet theory would not be a physically possible idea because the laws of physics would prevent an object in motion from suddenly changing directions with out force acting upon it. So the single bullet is one of the mistakes that was printed in the Warren Commission report. The report did have many mistakes that people did later find. But the Warren Commission was and still is the report that closed the case and will be the thing that gets in the way from people who try to re-open it.

So for my conclusion I still stick with my idea that the conspiracy theory is how the president did die.

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