Speculation on Hitler's Suicide

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Speculation on Hitler's SuicideAdolf Hitler is known throughout the world for the terror he caused from 1933 to 1945.

Virtually every country that offers history to its students covers this man and his path of destruction.

There are thousands of books and articles on the Hitler and the Nazi party.

Therefore, it is redundant to try and restate what is already well known about Hitler.

However, one of the few aspects about Hitler that is not well known is his relationship with Benito Mussolini and how that friendship caused Hitler to take his own life.Adolf Hitler was a man who greatly admired Benito Mussolini.

The Italian dictator, who was named after the Mexican president Benito Juarez, rose to power in 1922.

Mussolini used fear to take control of his country.

Mussolini used the facist squads that wore black shirts to symbolize their identity.

These young men, who had shaved heads would roam the streets and beat people at ramdom.

The "Black Shirts" used 19 inch billy-clubs to beat their victims.

By 1922, Mussolini, who had been a brick layer, teacher, newspaper journalists, and a soldier in WWI, had been given power from King Victor-Emmanuel III.

Musssolini didn't know it, but a young man by the name of Adolf Hitler was inspired by his actions.In 1923, Hitler was already the leader of the German Nationalist Socialist Party (Nazi Party).

That year, with Mussolini's actions on his mind, Hitler tried to take Germany much in the same manner as Mussolini and his "Black Shirts" had.

Hitler was going to storm the German legislature with his Putsch.

Instead of using billie-clubs, Hitler had bought guns for his Nazi members.

However, the guns had no firing pins which didn't allow them to fire at all.

After two days of rioting, the Nazi's were disbanned and Hitler was jailed for a year.

Thus, it is easy to see how Mussolini had an influence on Hitler during the early years of their rise to power.

However, Mussolini's influence would follow Hitler to his own grave as well.By 1943, Mussolini had lost power in most of Italy.

Victor-Emmanuel III had taken back control from the Fascist leader.

However, because of the Germans, Mussolini was given a puppet government to control.

When this government began to crumble in April of 1945, Mussolini tried to make his escape for Switzerland.Mussolini tried to make his escape by car.

However, Italian partisans stopped the vehicle and pulled Mussolini from it.

The Fascist leader was shot.

Later, the Italian partisans dragged his body through the streets, urinated on it, and then hung it up for display in the town center.

Periodically, young Italian men would take billie-clubs and beat the corpse just as he had his men do 20 years before.In April of 1945, Hitler received news of the death of his Italian friend.

By this time, Hitler had gone into a dark state of depression.

Hitler was convinced that everyone was out to get him.

Further, Hitler had been forced to take refuge underground in Berlin.

That city was embroiled in combat with the Russians on the east side of the city and the allies on the west side.On April 29, 1945, Adolf Hitler took major courses of action.

First, Hitler married his girlfriend Eva Braum.

Second, Hitler order his chemist to make a batch of poison.

To test the effectiveness of the poison, Hitler gave it to his German-Shepard.

Hitler later remarked that day that his dog had been his only true companion during the whole ordeal.The next day, Hitler and his new wife committed suicide in their underground bunker.

To prevent his body going through the same ordeal that Mussolini's had, Hitler order his men to burn his body.

Because the Russians had found the bunker first and the fact that they lacked the technology to properly identify dental records, Hitler was considered alive and on the run in Soviet history until 1965.So the question we must ask ourselves is did Mussolini have an influence on Hitler during the last days of his life.

Would Hitler have chosen a different course of action had he not read the news of his friend? Would Hitler too tried to have escaped somewhere else? Only Adolf Hitler can answer that question.