To What Extent was the Munich Putsch a Success or Failure?

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The Munich Putsch can be judged as a success or failure. The Putsch was not a success in the short term as the actual Putsch itself was a failure many Nazis were wounded even killed. Hitler was portrayed as a coward by many how he was the first person to run away this would have had a very bad effect on Hitler’s image he was supposed to be seen as this powerful leader who was afraid of nothing. The way in which the Nazis were easily brushed aside at the Putsch would have had a crippling effect on the whole Nazi party’s moral this was not helped by the fact that there leader was in prison. The whole failure would have made the Nazis a laughing stock among the German Government and perceived them as powerless. The Munich Putsch could however be seen as a success in the long term as a success as the whole incident put the Nazi party on the national scene. It was a first this little party that only a small few had heard of but now it was house-hold name along with its leader Adolf Hitler. The propaganda that could be used by the Nazis was great they could say that nothing would defeat them they were strong. They could say that there leader Hitler was a brave courageous man who even when he broke his collarbone still went back to help the wounded. The trail in which Hitler was conviced allowed him a platform on which to give his mind blowing speeches. The way in which the Nazis this small party stood up to the government even when greatly out numbered gained them public sympathy. It also gained support from other parties.

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