Night by Ellie Wiesel

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The boldest of individuals is the one who abides by his or her conscience.

In Night the main character Ellie Weisel whom is also the author went through a dreadful struggle in a concentration camp.

Through all the hardships, he obeyed his conscience and never abandoned his dad and he also managed to maintain his faith.

In To Kill a Mocking bird by Harper Lee a different type of bravery is shown, Scout and Jem have to face a town that thinks their father is doing the wrong thing by defending a black man.Ellie's struggle with his faith is a main conflict in Night.

At the beginning of the book, Ellie's faith in God is absolute.

When Ellie was asked why he prays to god he was startled and he responded by saying "Why do I live? Why do I breathe?" But this faith is stunned by his knowledge of the Holocaust.

The Holocaust shows the selfishness, and wickedness of which everybody, not only the Nazis are capable of doing.

After realizing this Ellie starts to get Impression that god might not exist or he is just really cruel.

It may seem that Ellie's faith no longer exist but throughout the book Ellie continues to ask questions which actually prove his commitment to God.

Ellie was very changed by his experience in the holocaust but he still managed to keep his faith. Several times Ellie witnesses a son take advantage of his father in order to save themselves.

For ex.

Ellie viewed a fight for food on train to Buchenwald in which a son beat his father to death.

All the betrayals between fathers and sons that take place have one thing in common and that is only caring about yourself.

In order to save themselves, these sons sacrifice their fathers.

Ellie would never seriously consider killing his father; he depends on his father for support and various other things.

When Ellie and his father were forced to run to Gleiwitz Ellie says œMy father presence was the only thing that stopped me from allowing myself to die.Ellie and his father's relationship prove that Ellie doesn't only care about himself but the people around him to.

Ellie is brave by not leaving his father behind and listening to his conscience. Atticus shows a tremendous amount of heroism when he decides to defend Tom Robinson.

Judge Taylor approached Atticus for the case because he knew he was the man for the job, it was Atticus's choice to either accept or deny the judges request.

He accepted it, he put every bit of energy he had left in his body towards that court case, to defend a man who is at the way bottom of the social hierarchy.

He knew he probably wouldn't win but there was a slight chance he could.

Atticus Finch was the only man that could keep the jury contemplating the outcome of the case for the time he did.

All though things didnt work out the way he planned he could say with no shame that he put every morsel of time and effort he had into that case.

Scout and Jem are brave in so many different ways; they have to face a town that thinks their father is doing the wrong thing and referring to him as a œnigger lover. Scout at first whenever approached with the idea that her father was committing an appalling act by defending Tom Robinson she was quick to result to fighting.

Jem on the other hand went through the day ignoring what people were saying to him but eventually it got very hard so one day in a fit of rage he tore up Ms.

Dubose flower bed.

It was very tough for the children to endure all the criticism that was directed towards their father; they saw people pointing and talking about them behind their back wherever they went.

Eventually the children learned to avert their attention from the racist people and go on with their life.

Until one day Bob Ewell put the children's lives at jeopardy to save his reputation, only to be killed by Arthur radley.