Essay Analyzing the Human Condition

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Essay Analyzing the Human ConditionEvil is not taught, or developed, but it was born inside of all of us and it is our task to control it.

The Oxford Senior Dictionary defines evil as morally bad or unpleasant.

In theory, a fraudulent though is considered morally bad.

So does thinking something mean or unpleasant make you evil? In my opinion it does.

If you look back to the source of an unpleasant or morally bad thought, the most likely candidates would be anger, frustration, etc.

put bluntly, emotions.

But how can a person be born without emotions? They can’t, but they do have the ability to recognize right from wrong.

This ability is what separates us from the animals, we don’t live on instinct, but rather on freewill.

Therefore, man is blamed for his wrong doings.

Everyone has a fragment of evil within themselves.

They are judged by the way they use it.

Every country, even the so called “free” countries have laws with which society must revolve around.

If the nature of man was good, we could dispense of all the enforcers of law, and forget about ritual principals.

But because man is generally evil, we must honor ritual principals.

When thought about, man only honors the enforcers of law because he knows he has to do so, and if we did discard of all of this then man would naturally create a society living in chaos.

This is caused by that temptation inside of us to test the law in some way, big or small.

For example, speeding when knowing very well of the hefty penalty, and ignoring all safety precautions.

What makes man evil is what possesses him to do these things.

A form of evil can be developed.

It is through society that it is brought out.

By living in a bad society a person is challenged regularly to cave in, and become more evil than he already is.

This can only prove if a person has a sense of decency and good within.

By living in a society with little or no disruptions, a person who is evil could much easier turn it into a corrupt society.

For example, Hitler lived in a decent society.

He hated the Jews just because he wasn’t well and for no other reason.

When he needed a scapegoat for his misfortune, he chose to blame the Jews.

Not many in his society chose to ignore his prejudice.

Therefore, his society was influenced, and took after him.

By showing weakness, by being inspired by Hitler, it just shows how man is generally evil and how a good majority were afraid to disagree just because at that point of time he was of a higher label.

It also shows how a lunatic could have turned a good society evil.

In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, he is trying to prove how man is evil by placing many proper English children on an island (a microcosm of the world).

We then must watch them devolve from well brought up children, to raving savages.

It all began because the children were relieved that there was no adult supervision, and they tried to create a well functioning society because of the little speck of moral ethics that they were taught.

Eventually there ability to recognize right from wrong kicked in and turned most of them into evil followers.

I believe that because of the human condition, things would have turned out the exact same way if they were brought up without rules or morals.

If things were this way, and the children were to be placed on the island, they would behave naturally and devolve from that point rather then from a more sophisticated point.

These scenarios would set the scene for most people, but not in other cases of evil.

I believe that being considered truly evil is a disability.

Such as any other mental condition, evil should be one of them.

I say this because man has the ability to determine right from wrong, and by choosing wrong, in such a manner as being evil, it makes you unable to do something the way it should be done.

Exactly as in a mental disability where a person cannot do something the way it should be done.

When you think about, by being evil you are making all the wrong choices, and if you have more evil than good then this is consistent.

Therefore, evil is in a way a severe disability and should be treated as such.

Evil is a very mysterious condition with many possible theories, in my opinion there is only one more.

Looking from a religious perspective, in the beginning, Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, and were given freewill.

They disobeyed God’s command by eating from the tree in the Garden of Eden, and were thrown out.

Some say that this was the greatest gift that Eve could have given because now man doesn’t have to live a life of morals, but rather of true freedom.

In my opinion man is generally evil, and all of my theories make sense to me because of one reason.

That being, something had to change from the very beginning to make man evil.

For example, Adolph Hitler and Princess Diana were totally different people.

One of unspeakable horror, the other of saintly kindness.

If man was all the same in the beginning, something must have gone wrong along the path of evolution.

In conclusion, we may never know for sure the real origin of evil, we may only suspect.

For now what we need is to clean up the dirt within society.

This is because of the one thing we do know for sure, that there is much more bad than good in the world today.