Ignorance Hassles My Mind

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The world would be so much improved place when people would educated themselves more about the world around them. Half of world issues would end right there and then. It really bothers me when people act ignorant.
There are so many reasons it bothers me first of all being that it hurts. So many people act ignorant towards me just because of the content of my skin color and facial features. I understood this long time ago that after 9/11 people will be ignorant and racist towards me and I just have to be patient towards them. Unfortunately, now I expect more people to be aware of the word Muslim and Islam. So therefore it hurts now when somebody comes up to me and asks me “Are you one of those people who wear that wrap thingy around your head?” it’s called hijab, in Arabic, and if you didn’t know that maybe you can say it nicely like, “Do you wear the scarf or veil?”
Next people distinguish Islam by saying “your religion is different than ours…” and if I try to give a Christian or Jew an example of something they respond back saying “its our religion we know it better than you.” Maybe they do, but what does that mean, I don’t know anything about their religion? The simple fact is that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are parallel religions. Everyone’s who knows anything about these religions know that. Yes some concepts are different but the fact is Muslims believe in Moses, Jesus, Isaiah, and Adam all equally. Its just that Mohammad is considered the best of them all because he took Islam the furthest and achieved way more than any of the previous Messengers. Plus, we don’t believe that Jesus is Son of God, because if God is suppose to be one, then he wouldn’t have a son, or wife or daughter.
Its state of affairs like that, which make me feel as if I’m an outsider. I have no importance in society. As soon as I would think people are changing, someone comes along and crushes my feelings down to the ground. If I could tend to this problem, I would be a professor. Through education, I can change peoples way of thinking, or at least make them less ignorant. I would try to educate myself as much as I can about everything in this world just to make myself wiser, but most of all, if I approach a person whose different from me, I would know how to properly communicate with that person without offending them. I believe education can change everything, because it has the power to enlighten any soul.
Ignorance bothers me to my soul, if people would educated themselves more, a lot of people would be happier, and would get along with everyone else much correctly. I know not all of world issues can be resolved but a lot of them can be controlled.

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