Simplicity and sincerity: Core Essence of Prayer

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"Prayer" is a means to connect the physical with the metaphysical. There are general no rules inscribed to perform a prayer. For some, it might mean joining hands before God, but for others it might be synonymous to reading out religious hymns in a temple. Ways might be different but all this points out to one fact that there is a superior power which can do things that are impossible to accomplish by any human effort. Hence there is an old saying ‘where human effort fails, prayer succeeds’.
Nirmal Baba says, what is important is to have faith in religion and practice the religion one believes in. God expects his followers to have faith in him as that is what pleases him and paves way to receive god's blessings. Praying to god should not be categorized amongst the daily routine tasks,as it is not a formal activity rather prayer is just a medium to connect with almighty.Nirmal Baba says prayers should be as simple as possible but what is essentially required is to be sincere towards it.
I remember of a friend of mine who used to spend a lot of time and money in organising community pujas, huge offerings to the temple. One fine day he felt nothing is working out in his favour and he is a loser at every front. It was during that tough time of his life, when through his relatives he came in touch with Nirmal Babaji and attended his samagam.He was so happy to have met Nirmal Baba and finally he understood the reason behind his failures.After which prayer for him is no more a costly affair and he believes praying in silence just for two minutes is all that is important.
Nirmal Baba emphasises on keeping the prayers simple as he believes mispronouncement of mantras brings misfortune. He also advises to be sincere towards prayers and this is what shows ones dedication towards the religious sentiments.

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