Cold Sassy and Compared to a Small Town

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I have been to many places in the United States and I now live in Little Elm Texas and it is very easy to find the same stores or fast food restaurants such as McDonalds or Denny’s. Cold sassy tree is in Georgia and it is a small town such as Little Elm.
That is in the year 2007 but years ago you could drive for miles and miles and not see anyone. Little Elm used to be that way a really little town with a few people and then it grew like everything does. Likewise Cold Sassy Tree in Georgia was an extremely small town and it grew for example Miss Love. Miss Love was a Yankee so she was fairly new in cold sassy so things were new to her. Such as the cruelty that she had to learn to deal with when people talked bad about her and her marriage, “nobody else suspicion what was going on but I did” pg 40 when she married grandpa Rucker she was criticized even by the family, here in little elm when somebody dies or they get divorced the family takes time getting used to another person and 3 weeks is just way to little to really know a person and accept them into the family. Yet Rucker Blakeslee did just that even though miss love was only his housekeeper he fell in love with her and they both knew it was going to happen, now days the same happens you can marry somebody for their good looks or even their bad ones but you will still end up loving them because you lived with them.
Gossip travels like wildfire leaving a trail where its been. In cold sassy if you had something you did not want everyone in town to know about then you better not tell anyone and anyone means anyone because one way or another the person you trusted so much is going to even on accident tell someone because it is really hard to keep a secret. Here in Little Elm at the high school your best friend could tell you she got a boyfriend and then you would comment this to your other best friend, thinking that she would know about it and then by the end of the day someone that you barely know would go and ask you if it was true that your friend was going out with that person and of course you have to answer, by the next day people that your friend does not even know will go up to her to ask her if she was going out with someone. And when gossip travels fast that means that it is a really small town.
On the contrary Little Elm is more separated nobody knows everybody, the people that they feel close with are the ones they stick to. In Little Elm there is not that much cruelty maybe since you do not know everybody your friends could tell their friends something nasty about you and you would never know you would never meet them. Another difference between Cold Sassy and Little Elm is that there is no slavery there once was but now there is not and in Cold Sassy the poor slaves had to feed themselves with the remains of their masters, of course sometimes there was the kind masters that decided that the slaves should make another chicken unfortunately the masters were only thinking of their family.
Another difference is that not everybody went to school if u were poor you couldn’t go because you had to work to earn money for your family or else you would starve and then die and then the rest of your family would die. Lightfoot Mclendon was poor and then her dad died so she had to quit school to work and then she married hosie roach and so he had to stop going to school so that he could work to make money for his family. And now days it is rare to see people marrying each other when they are teens.
Cold sassy tree Georgia and Little Elm Texas have there differences and there similarities such as marrying at a young age and slaves and then there’s the gossip that you know everyone will know about. The good thing is that everything changes for the good or for the bad but things change and that’s important.

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