How To Reduce Rape Criminology

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In December 2012, a 23-year-old medical student who studied at the University of Delhi, after the movie she went home with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, seven men hit her boyfriend and even worse they gang-raped her on the bus. At last, the student died in Singapore's Mount Elizabeth Hospital. This is such bad news. Nowadays, it is a civilized society. However, rape always occurs in the world. For instance, with more than twenty-four thousand reported rape cases in India in 2011, rape registered a 9.2 percent rise over 2010. People have been hurt because of rape. From this likeness, the aim of the research is a wake up call to tell people of the rising trend of rape. In my opinion, rape is a crime that harms others. We should resolutely resist the occurrence of such acts of rape.

My research is divided into three sections. First of all, I will define rape. Rape in its simplest form (and the meaning, most people can understand it), is when a man forces a woman to have sex with him. Often this has been done by using either threat or violence. When the victim is mentally incapacitated or impaired, physically impaired, asleep or unconscious. Next, I will compare the laws, women's social status and the government system between India and Singapore. I choose two countries because India often has rape cases and Singapore seldom. Last but not least, I will give some advice through the three aspects of the laws, social status as well as self-protection on how to reduce rape.

2. Data of Rape in India

The Wall Street Journal (

The Indian edition of WSJ has come up with this map which shows the rape rate across different states of India.It shows the central region of rape rate up to 8.2 reported cases per 100,000 women. But the north-eastern states as having highest rape rate. The rape rate up to 10.1 reported case per 100,000 women. The notorious Indian capital of Delhi's rape rate was 7.4 reported cases per 100,000 women, but it was not the highest. The northern city of Mizoram the rape rate is 14.3 reported cases per 100,000 women which was the highest.

According to the survey, with more than 24,000 reported cases in India in 2011, rape registered a 9.2 percent rise over the previous year. In recent years, frightening data from New Delhi has earned the title of "rape capital" of India.

3. Causes of rapeA: Reason for more rapes in India3.1 Legal loophole

According to the survey, rape criminal law sentences people to more than seven years in India and even the death penalty. But Indian law also provides that the offender may be released on bail or pay a fine. Because of this, a lot of the rapists have not been punished. Laws should provide fast track courts to deal with such cases," says Girija Vyas, Chairperson, and National Commission for Women (NCW). According to the survey, the results encourage more people to crime which just a dismal 27 percent of the rape conviction rate in 2006-2007.

3.2 Low status of women in India

Women were considered inferior to men in social life. On the one hand, a large part of Indian women are illiterate because their family did not send the girl to school for education. As for women, the literacy rate stands at just 54.16 percent. On the other hand, women were prohibited to take part in domestic as well as in external matters. Indian women's working rate is very low. But the population of working women has risen to 13 percent in 1987. Still, the population of working women just has 25 percent in 2011. Women who smoke, drink, go to bars is considered unethical behavior in India. Acceptance of domestic violence. India is the world's most serious country for domestic violence. Some women believe that domestic violence is often seen as deserved. The Indian women property cannot be independent rather dependent on men. Level of India's last name. The vast majority of female government officials come from high-grade surnames. High-grade surname female government officials will not fight for the right to civilian women.

3.3 The government system

India has a sluggish court system which the inefficiency of the court dealing with the case for only 15 judges. It is so surprised that Delhi high court judge deals with the backlog of cases need 466 years. There are not enough police to protect ordinary citizens in India. Leading to difficulties to obtain evidence and spend a lot of time. Even worse, there is a part of the police have been involved in rape. Encouraging rape victims to compromise. For example, a 17-year-old rape victim under the police pressure she got married with the attackers. The reason for this compromise is for keeping the peace between the families or ethnicities. India also lacks public safety. Less than a lot of street lighting in India and lack of public toilets. These are factors that induce rape.

B: Reason Less Rape in Singapore

3.1 Strict laws

Anyone who commits rape should be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 20 years, and needs to be liable to fine or to cane. The assist will be subjected to the punishment of 8 years and caning with at least 12 strokes. Singapore has improved the police system and the court system to rapid processing of cases. So that people will not dare to violate the law.

3.2 National equality and equality between men and women

As Singapore is a multi-ethnic country, equality is the theme of Singapore. Singapore has a special legal protection to equality between men and women. Legal protection of the equal status of women in public places and even in the home. In 2011, for the Gender Inequality Index Singapore received a score of 0.086, placing the country at 8 out of 146 countries with data.

3.3 Geylang----legal prostitution

Geylang is Singapore's famous Red Light District for legal prostitution. A lot of prostitution through prostitutes who were from Thailand, Malaysia, China for men over there every day. Sex is a basic human so need that a legal red light district providing some basic sexual gratification for men can exist. Being lack of sex, a man has proper ways to solve the problem. They do not need to rape others.

Effects of rape

Rape is a crime, most of the victims have a greater psychological trauma. But the victims often lack people's concern and respect. Even victims will be rejected and disgusted. This will cause the victims experience a second victimization. This is a mournful fact. The rape also leads to the AIDS epidemic. Some of the victims of rape and pregnancy. If women use the contraceptive drugs it will reduce the pregnancy rates. If the baby was born, it will add to the victim's burden of life and affect the life of the victim. If the city often has rape, it will reduce the people's sense of security and occurrence of other types of cases. For example: Murder.


Revisit the definition of rape and pay attention to the development of accurate laws. Severe punishment to a person who is convicted for rape. Improve the judicial system to reduce procedural delays. Increase legal aid to help the victims. Improve the legal status and rights and interests of women. Women should receive equal education. Women should know how to use the law to protect them. The promotion of women's self-defense skills. The creation of self-defense courses at school. Males have a physical strength advantage over females, but women can use techniques to narrow the gap with men. Both rape victims and rapists are likely to be drunk. Women who are drunk should avoid walking alone at the bar. The 1997 NCVS reports that 35.8 percent of rape victims believe their rapists were under the influence of alcohol. Looking for some drinks alternative to alcoholism help to reduce rape.


The study focuses on how to reduce rape. In the course of this analysis, I finish by comparing between India and Singapore law, the social status and self-protection of women to get a correct understanding. And trying to find some solutions to reduce rape. Rape is a heinous act which hurts a lot of people. Especially, in some developed countries, rape would be more serious. Therefore, doing research to reduce rape is necessary. The study concludes that the need is improvement of law, improve the status of women in society, to learn self-defense skills and reduce the abusing of alcohol that is an efficient way to solve rape. In my opinion, a safe social environment can be conducive to the development of society. Rape is an important factor affecting social security. If we want a wonderful, safe living environment, we should contribute to reduce rape.

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