The American Justice or Injustice System
Large number of color inmates in our prisons have been seen for decades back. Not too many researchers took the stand to address this matter and bring it to light. luckily, there were a few that committed themselves to finding out why the number of non-whites offenders is so high in the cells of our prisons. In this brief paper I will discuss and evaluate their stand points on this issue. While scores of blacks and Latinos are being imprisoned for minor drug offences every day, more take their...
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What Are The Problems With Harm Reduction Criminology
Any individual hoping to investigate what the problems and limitations of harm reduction are as it stands now and the direction it should go in, must be aware of the development of harm reduction as a solution to drug use. The individual will also need to further investigate the benefits and advantages of harm reduction. Five areas are particularly important when examining what the problems and limitations of harm reduction are. How harm reduction is defined and how it has developed over the...
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Profile Of Resistance And Transformation Criminology
Youth are impacted by a combination of serious social problems, such as racism, classism, and sexism. Often, young people are forced to navigate these concerns alone, since most traditional youth programs rarely address these issues and how they may hinder on young people's development (Ginwright and James, 2002). The strain of relentless oppression, in combination with the inability to confront these conditions, has led many to believe that the existence of both can be deadly. Research...
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The Effective Mobilisation Of Community Suppor Criminology
Community policing is essentially a philosophy that stimulates organisational tactics, which support the methodical use of partnerships and problem-solving procedures concentrated at achieving more effective and efficient crime control, reduced fear, improved quality of life and police legitimacy, through a proactive faith in community resources. This adopts a need for greater liability of police, greater public share in decision making, and greater concern for civil rights and liberties. ...
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Racial Profiling And The Police Criminology
The concern about racial profiling is erupting throughout the country. Many provinces, cities, social groups, and academics have decided to study racial profiling, and how race and ethnicity may play a part in police investigations. Toronto is no different. Allegations of racial profiling have been around for years and still are a subject that creates a lot on media hype and controversy surrounding police. Racial profiling should not be confused in with criminal profiling, because they are two...
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Immigration A Debated Issue Over The Last Decade Criminology
Immigration is a very controversial issue which has been greatly debated within the past 10 years. There are two sides to every issue, so in addition to providing background information on immigration, this paper will show both sides of immigration. Knowing background information and both sides helps make an informed and intelligent stance on an issue. Immigration can be good or bad, depending on how it is looked at. Despite what many Americans believe, immigrants come to America from many...
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Forensic Profiling And Psychology Mislead By The Media Criminology
Since the debut of network television shows like Law & Order, CSI, the 1991 film Silence of the Lambs and the O.J. Simpson trial, American's have found such words as "forensic, profiler, and DNA" to be part of their everyday vocabulary. This has so captured American's attention that two twenty-four hour cable networks have been developed, True TV (formerly known as Court TV) and ID (known as Investigation Discovery). Programs such as Forensic Files, the FBI Files, and The New...
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Looking At Terrorism And Acts Of Violence Criminology
Terrorism is the act of violence; it is classified into 4 major types: left wing terrorism, religious terrorism, Cyber terrorism, Narcoterrorism, Nuclear terrorism, and bioterrorism. These terrorists have different methods and techniques of carrying out their acts. The most common types are: bombing, kidnapping, hostage-taking, armed attacks and assassinations, arsons and firebombing, and hijackings and skyjackings. Terrorists around the world are from multi-religions, some unknown, but they...
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Dispatchers And Police Officers Body Findings Criminology
July 1, 2010, a 911 dispatcher notified officers that bodies were found at 401 S. Rose Street in Wilson, NC. Immediately, local police officers were sent to the scene. Upon arrival, the officers go (went) inside to view the scene. Two bodies were brutally murdered. (<
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The Frequency Of Drug Abuse Criminology
Introduction: Drug policies in any country relate to both men and women and vary from country to country. The United States drug policy began criminalization on use of drugs in the 21st century. Here, the United States view was that drug addiction was the crime and prohibited the use of illegal drugs. Canada our neighboring country has a drug policy that is directed to the decrease of health, economic and social effects of drug abuse. This comparative report will discuss several issues such...
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