Child to Savage, What Went Wrong in the Lord of the Flies

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Child to Savage, What Went Wrong in the Lord of the Flies

Golding’s book, Lord of The Flies, is a survival journey where numerous kids were accidentally placed on an uninhabited island without any adults. The children tried to construct a democratic form of government but later on, government became absent. This led to the destruction of the children’s morals. One of the author’s main archetypal themes of this book was the “loss of innocence”. The characters of this book went from a civilized Englishmen to savage because of stress and many psychological struggles.

Ralph, the main character of this book, realized when he was on the island that freedom was all around him. He became chief of the island by accident. People liked him and he blew the conch shell so they elected him as their leader. Ralph then changed his views about survival. He realized what must be done to become rescued. He took a democratic standpoint and made certain groups to watch over the fire and to build shelters. All was well until the first sign of flaw. The children were acting lazy and careless. It was almost if they knew they weren’t going to be rescued. Jack started to voice his opinions. Jack’s mistake of not watching the fire causes Ralph to go ballistic and to call group meetings. The children could have been rescued if the fire was still going because they saw a ship in the far distance. Ralph, at this point, became clear on his idea of survival; however, Jack didn’t want to follow his instruction. Jack began to take people on a hunt for meat because the children only had eaten fruit while they have been on the island. Ralph was trying to keep governmental control but was failing. Finally, Jack breaks off from the group and causes major conflicts with the two surviving parties. Ralph’s biggest step to loss of innocence was when he was converted to an evil mind. When Simon showed up to tell the news of the beast, Ralph joined in on the stabbing and brutal murder of Simon. Ralph’s mind breaks but he regains it back when he reflect on what he has done in the next chapter. Ralph is then considered to be a traitor and one of the most wanted. Ralph gives up on hope for rescue and hides out hoping not to be seen. Ralph’s views are now converted to those of an animal. Ralph is changed from leader with hope to a hopeless pig running for its life.

Jack also had a downfall in the story. In the beginning, Jack shows hints of a character with moral value. Early in the book Jack’s views change and he becomes the leader of the savages. He works hard to convert other children’s minds to savageness. His mind goes crazy and he is bloodthirsty. He goes on killing rampages and shows no emotion toward what he has done. He loves the look and taste of blood on his hands when he sacrificed the pig. He performs rituals and makes the children sing chants about killing things. Jack even killed a human named Simon because he though he was possessed by a beast that was supposedly haunting the island. Jack obtained the mind of a psycho trough stress. Nothing could stop him because he lost all of his morals.

Simon was a very unique character in this book. His personality was neutral compared to the other characters in this book. He appeared in the beginning of the book as a passive character that showed no fear. He didn’t mind doing things for people. Then Simon makes up a story of a beast that he has seen while wondering in the forest. This is a turning point in the book because it changed the work habits, emotions, and ideas of rescue. Fear of the beast cause Ralph to move the fire to the lower part of the island where it is harder to see. The fear of the beast caused Jack to become cautious and Jack sacrificed a Pig’s head to the beast. Jack and Ralph saw a dead man in a parachute and they claimed it was the beast. The best is not real. Simon is the only one that realizes this. He runs back to tell them there is no beast. The children think that Simon is the beast disguised and they murder him. Simon’s news could have saved the children from their psychotic minds. In the essays in the back of the book, Simon is related to a Christ figure that gets punished for helping and saving the people. Simon started the beast story and the chaos because he was stubborn then he changed into a figure that had hope for the children.

Most of the kids in this book go through a loss of innocence. Most of them were brainwashed by the leaders. Piggy is a character that was a fat kid that got made fun of. Later he used his smarts to get the children out of certain situations. Piggy lost his innocence the day Jack stole his glasses. Piggy had no ways of seeing. Piggy was totally mad and confused. Piggy hated the world because humans were such bad people. Piggy tried to get his glasses back by talking nice and Jack’s group kills him

Golding chooses to develop this theme because he wanted humans to know that there is the potential for evil inside of all humans. The author created a scenario where humans’ base nature would come out. Humans try not to think about it, but deep down inside, humans do things for their own self-survival. He was also trying to say that a form of government is absolutely necessary to survive and a dictatorship is not the best way to overcome problems. This book is a good look into the human physic.

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