Realism and Romanticism in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and A Structuralist Analysis byYogi Emirza

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Great Expectations, the novel was first published in 1861, this is one of the best work of an English novelist, Charles Dickens (1812-1870), he is well-known and best writers in the era of Victoria. He wrote extensively about smelling things a social life, with poured in his writings, many people who say that Dickens is a realist writer. Once that happens the best novel of this, he raised the bitter life of a person to get a great hope that it may be impossible for him. In the story of Great Expectation, we will find a struggle, ambition, contempt, sadness, power, happiness, fear, and love.
Great Expectations is a realist novel that also has a romantic element in the story, although more condensed realist elements in the story, it feels romantic elements that makes sense of his readers to be swept away when felt a scene described by Dickens. The combination of realism and romanticism of the plot turns make it a pleasure to explore. How can the opposite of realism and romance combine in the unity of this story.


In the story, Dickens gave the name 'Pip' as the main character and also the narrator, he is a poor orphan who lives with his sister, his parents had died when she was a baby, he did not know what they face, "As I never saw my father or my mother, and never saw any likeness of either of Them (Their days were the resource persons for long before the days of photographs )...". Chapter 1. He has an expectation of becoming a gentlemen that 'Estella', beautiful women and wealthy be his woman, he struggled to get all these expectations, although the accompanying failure. In his struggle to get the 'Estella', Pip many getting help from people he had ever known, so he arrived in London to learn and become gentlemen. There he began to feel how to be gentlemen, he began to forget the Joe who used a lot of help, he began to be people who like to squander his money, until one day his sister died. And also Estella, his ideal woman married with another man. It made his heart was break.

Pip found out that the person who gave the funds, a convict who ever make he fear, how can those who hated it cares about him, and the unexpected again that he is the father of Estella. Until the day he returned to his village, with the failure to get Estella. Upon arrival, Estella was also there, where he is now divorced from her husband. The meeting between Estella and Pip make they be together.

Synopsis above gives an information of how ambition of Pip to get his hopes, he had many obstacles, and how to live with Estella. Miss. Havisham as hating men as well as Estella. Estella married without feeling that make she divorced. The story is very realistic, it is also an element of romance which looks at the theme about love.

Characteristics of realism
"Realism is the term applied to literary composition faitful That aim at a representation of reality, interpretation of the actualities of any aspect of life ( '
Nothing wrong if we say the novel Great expectation is a realist novel, which is appointed by the Dickens story comes from the reality of life that our common life . Perhaps even more to let us see one by one the characteristics of realism itself, which is taken from sources
1. Describe reality in comprehensive detail
This characteristic is visible when Dickens illustrate the reality of the main characters , he describes in such detail on the circumstances that occurred.
"There have been Occasions in my later life (I suppose as in most lives) Pls I have felt for a time as if a thick curtain Had fallen on all its interest and romance, to shut me out from anything save dull endurance any more. That has never curtain dropped so heavy and blank, as Pls my way in life lay stretched out straight before me through the newly-Entered road of apprenticeship to Joe. "Chapter 14
2. Characters are more Important than plot and action
This characteristic is clearly include in Great Expectation in the story which Dickens gave description is more important to each character in the story
3. Character are related to nature, to each other, to Their own social class and Their Past
This characteristic is also seen in the character portrayed by Dikens, how they interact like normal life, dealing with society and nature. Shown in the Pip dealing with every person near hir house and on-site blacksmith.
4. Class is Importance
In the story, class is very visible, how the relationship between lower class and upper class, looked at Pip's family and Estella's family, where the class is a barrier for them. And this makes pip always taunted by Estella and Miss. Havisham.
Of the characteristic features. the novel is one of the realist works of Charles Dickens, but whether this novel romance novels.

Characteristics of romanticsm
Romanticism is the literary and intellectual movement originated in the second That half of the 18th century in Europe and strengthened in reaction to the Industrial Revolution. (Wikipedia)
In the story, the romantic elements seen in love, where Pip fight for his love for Estella. There are several features characteristic of Romanticism is seen in the novel Great Expectation.
The caracteristics of romanticism (
1. Strong senses, emotions, and feelings
like feeling that is felt by the Miss. Havisham about the broken heart of her future husband who was not married at the wedding. So it still uses the dress and party equipment that is not disturbed. And also how to Pip his favorite feeling of beauty Estella, and want to have it. Comfort when he was with Estella also shows a romantic element, though Estella is always insulted him, he still loves Estella.
2. Importance of Imagination
These characteristics are also evident in the style of delivery pip, it takes imagination when we read this story, making us carry over to Pip’s life.

Realism and romanticsm is the flow in the opposite, however not rule out the possibility in one's work contains more than one effect of the movement. make the story become more real with a sense of meaning would be more easily delivered.

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