The Call of the Wild in "White Fang"

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The Call of the Wild in "White Fang"

White Fang is another of Jack London’s tales about the far reaches of the Artic. The journey into the lawless, and mysterious mind of a wild animal you will grow to love.

The only survivor of the litter, the young pup was tested early. Already demonstrating a tight grip on life, that later would prove to be crucial. This puppy inherited brute strength from his wolf father, and great intelligence from his dog mother. This would eventually mold him into the freak of nature he was.

The pup learned fast, and steadily he grew, both mentally and physically. In the Indian camp the little pup honed all his survival skills thanks to the daily persecution by Lip Lip and the puppy pack. In addition he and his mother were soon separated leaving young White Fang emotionally scarred. This caused a premature puppy hood, which would further help shape White Fang into clever ferocious beast that he would soon need to be.

After settling with an Indian family, White Fang was soon sold to the biggest coward in the north. In the hands of Beauty Smith, White Fang was stripped of his freedom and dignity. Forced to fight to the death with strange dogs White Fang had never seen before. Battle after battle does White Fang proves his tenacious hold on life. White Fang now daily grew mad by the constant ridicule and torment he endured by the hands of the coward.

After his rescue from the strangle hold of the foreign bulldog, and the tyranny of the Beauty Smith, did the half breed finally settle down, through the ever patient love, and compassion of Weedem Scott. The half wolf returned the deed with great loyalty and lasting companionship. This new relationship would further blossom, and land the Artic beast in the cool Northern California sun.

Hard to believe but this wild animal found himself in a new world. After settling in with his master’s family White Fang adjusted quickly to the lifestyle of an urban area. The half wolf would also prove to be a blessing to his new family. Saving a life and almost sacrificing his own would ultimately land him a fresh batch of pups and a lifetime of luxury.

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