General Plot Summary of Lord of the Flies

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General Plot Summary of Lord of the Flies

A plane is flying children away from a nuclear bombed city in England. It crashes in the middle of an island in the Pacific, the pilot dies so there are only children on the island. Two boys, Piggy and Ralph, have found each other. Piggy symbolizes reason, while Ralph symbolizes rational leadership. They spotted a conch shell in the middle of a pond. They fished it out. Piggy told Ralph how to blow the conch and Ralph did. The conch made a loud noise so that everyone on the island could hear it.

Many boys come and the more important ones are Simon, Jack, Sam and Eric. A child called Percival complains of having seen a beast somewhere in the shadows of the forest.

Jack and Ralph hold a meeting to see who should be voted as leader of the group. Ralph won. From this point on Jack and Ralph felt hatred for each other. Ralph, being a rational person, decides to light a large fire so that if a ship passes by, it will rescue them. They lighted the fire with Piggys goggles, but they made the fire much to big so all the wood around began to burn. Since this moment they never have seen Percival again maybe he has died into the fire. Jack, the chosen to keep the fire going, decides to get meat instead of look after the fire. He was out for killing a pig. While he was out hunting the pig, the fire went out. Since the fire was out, no smoke was coming from it. Just then a ship passes by. When Ralph saw the ship, he turned towards the fire but realized that it wasn't there. Jack starts hating Piggy and Ralph more and more. The first sign of violence in the book is when Jack fights with Piggy and breaks one of Piggy's lenses on his glasses. The people on the island are loosing in morals and letting their true human nature over-take their control.

While Samneric were charged to look after the fire at night, they both fell asleep. Two jets made a battle over them. A man parachuted out of his plane and dies before he reaches the island. When he did hit the island, he get caught between a rock and a tree. Every time the wind blew from a certain angle, they parachute open up and he look as if he were alive. When Samneric woke up, it was still dark they thought they had seen the beast. They ran downwards the mountain to the rest of the boys. When they found the boys and told them there was a beast on the top of the mountain, They started a hunt for the ?beast?. But Jack and Ralph often struggled on this hunt. Later the Boys dived in two groups one leaded by Jack and one by Ralph. Jacks group painted their bodies’ and hunted for pigs. They went out, killed a pig, and cut off its head. They put the head on to the end of a spear and stuck them into the ground.

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