Comparison of Book and Movie of To Kill a Mockingbird

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Comparison of Book and Movie of To Kill a Mockingbird

This essay will be talking about the differences between the book and the movie. There are some significant main ideas missing from the movie. The missing scenes from the book are when Jem and Scout go to church with Calpurnia, the school scene in which you get to know the Ewells and the Cunninghams, and how Aunt Alexandra, who influences the children in the book, never appears in the movie.

The scene missing from the movie where Jem and Scout go to church with Calpurnia is one of the most important in the book. You learn of the respect that many of the black people have for the Finches, since their daddy is defending a black man. You also learn that not all black people are nice to Jem and Scout. Calpurnia gets into a fight with another lady at church defending Jem and Scout’s right to come to the black church. This shows you how much Calpurnia loves Jem and Scout. The director left this part out of the movie because in the court case there is another example of how the black people respect Mr. Finch. They all stand up when he walks out of the room. But in the movie, because the church scene is missing, it doesn’t seem that the blacks have as much respect for the Finches. You also don’t see in the movie that some black people of Maycomb County don’t like hanging around Whites as much as the white people don’t like hanging around Blacks.

Another scene that the movie left out was a morning in the schoolroom. In the book, you meet the children of the Mr. Ewell and Mr. Cunningham. I think the director left this part out because you get to know Mr. Cunningham in the beginning of the movie when he comes to pay Atticus with some hickory nuts instead of money. Atticus explains to Scout that the Cunninghams is ******an honest, proud*******man who will always pay people back, even if its not with money. You get to meet the Ewells and see how they act in court. You learn they are inconsiderate people. But, by leaving the schoolroom scene out, you don’t get to know the younger boys of each family and how they act. You get meet Walter Jr. because of the fight that Scout has in the school courtyard, but not as thoroughly as you would have had the director included the schoolroom scene.

The most important thing the director left out was not having Aunt Alexandra in the movie. First of all by not having Aunt Alexandra around, you don’t get to see the girlish side of Scout. You only get to see her tomboy side. Also, not having her around means that there is no one to challenge Atticus’s authority. Without Alexandra, you don’t get to know the ladies of Maycomb County such as Miss Maudie or Miss Stephanie, *******who are really funny characters.****** By leaving out Aunt Alexandra you don’t get to see how Jem and Scout act around another family member. This is really important because it could change what you think of Jem and Scout’s personalities. You might think they had only nice, sweet personalities in the movie, **were angels*** but in the book you realize that they are just normal children, ********who sometimes fool around and get in trouble too********* However, the director had a good reason for leaving her out. If Aunt Alexandra were in the movie, it would have been too long. There would have been too many extra parts that director didn’t feel were necessary.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a much better book than a movie. The book is much more descriptive and easier to understand. The movie is harder to understand because there is no narrative, like in the book. The book also has more suspense, and keeps you interested waiting for something to happen. The movie moves to fast, and misses too many scenes. This makes the movie too predictable. It is easy to see what is going to happen. In conclusion, the book is much more thorough and significant that the movie.

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