Love and Death as Viewed by Emily Dickinson

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Love and Death as Viewed by Emily Dickinson

Of all the poetry I have read in my entire English career, never have I read a poet who has compared love and death so well. Not only does she grab the reader’s attention using so few words, after her poem is over, the reader is left with many possibilities as to what it is that Emily Dickinson meant. Her ideas about love and death were shared in many of her poems, including The Bustle in the House. At times her poems almost seem to tell the reader that death is acceptable as long as one has love to lean on.

The Bustle in a house

The Morning after Death

Is solemnest of industries

Enacted upon Earth -

The Sweeping up the heart

And putting Love away

We shall not want to use again

Until Eternity -

In the poem The Bustle in the House Dickinson talks about loosing a loved one. Dealing with the loss the morning after always seems to be the hardest of times, the death seems unreal, and the world seems to be crawling by. But regardless of the pain, all one has to due, in order to survive, is pick up their emotions, put the memories and the love that you once had for the deceased in a place that can never be touched and move on, knowing that in eternity you will find each other again.

All though the character in the poem has lost someone they truly love, Dickinson seems to make the pain diminish greatly simply by suggesting remembering the love and good things in life instead. This is Dickinson’s strong point, she could have the strongest opinions on multiple topics, how ever controversial the topic maybe and somehow make her point across without offending anyone.

With love she never made it over emotional, never to overly dramatic, or sappy. With her descriptions she was straight and to the point, and stated things how she viewed them, rarely letting outside opinions influence her writing. She spoke her mind through her words, and not any different. With death it was never gory, or depressing. Not to overbearing, no matter how serious the topic Dickinson would still stick to her points.

Dickinson is a better poet than others I have read for various reasons. For one her vocabulary is much easier to understand, not only that but she can state her point, and move me in a much shorter poem than Woodsworth could. All though I did enjoy many of Woodsworth’s poems, along with many other poets, I felt that Dickinson always left me with a lot more to think about. Never once did I walk away from a poem by Dickinson not understanding it, or feeling as though her ideas were radical, and understated. Where as with Woodsworth all of his ideas were drawn out, complicated, and at times downright boring. Dickinson always kept my attention throughout her poems, and made me think a lot more than any other poet ever has.

Mostly I think that Dickinson had the most impact with her poems on Death and Love, leaving lasting impressions in her readers minds, along with being used in many different ways, outside the English classroom. I have heard Dickinson’s poems in movies as well. (Patch Adams) I know that her poems will leave lasting impressions and allow me to re read them and perhaps answer some of my own personal issues, like her poems helped her.

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