Critical Analysis of "O Pioneers"

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Critical Analysis of "O Pioneers"

The book “O Pioneers” marks the character’s relationship with society, history and relationship with the land. The land is their home and their childhood so it kept them from moving to the West. This event was talked about in our class and it helped me to understand the story easier, so the story supported what I have studied in class. This book was written by Willa Cather which is known to express her books to prove that “the history of every country begins in the heart of a man or a woman.”

This story overall talks about how people strive for the American Dream. America’s first Puritans were dissenters, forced to reconcile their impulse toward revolution against the society that confined them from the idea of community. Since them, America had been marked between the personal and public, the individual dream (which was Alexandra) and the American Dream (the Western expansion).

Beginning with the Louisiana Purchase in 1804, the United States embarked upon a massive westward expansion that more than tripled the country size. But by 1890, as the Census Bureau declared, there was no longer a true frontier in the contiguous United States. The American West Remained large untamed, but the processes of populating had begun. When drought and depression strike, Alexandra’s determination allowed her to reserve. In America, a land had always been believed to bring a better life, bur many families sold their farms and moved away. But Alexandra believed in the promise of the country, she convinced her brothers to buy more land and to learn new innovative farming techniques.

Alexandra Bergson’s relationship with the land formed a struggle. She experted her will upon the land even as it changed herself in many ways. Yet her relationship with the land went deeper than more control or influence. She seemed curiously empty of human emotion and personality. Alexandra lacked a personal inner life. Her relationship with Carl Linstrum was not romantic. Her attachment to him was unemotional. She did not feel any attractions toward him. She did what she had to do so she can stay alive and not suffer through the hard times.

Alexandra and this story reminded me of the movement when my family moved from Vietnam to the United States. The main point of both cases was to seek for a better life. They were similar that the destination promised many positives and dreams. My family believed in the homeland and the house, which was left to my dad from my grandfather. But still, we decided to move because we did not have the power to fight back to communism and we did not know what to do back in Vietnam. Alexandra was different. She was strong, courage and resolve to inherit the farm and make it profitable so she won. She took over the family and was a strong woman because that should affect the thing about women being weak. This showed that women had a lot of power and strength to even take control and take care of her family.

Alexandra in the story is from a Swedish immigrant family. She shows to us in the story that immigrants are hard working people that strive for their freedom in a strange country where they are unknown. People work hard for their belongings back in the day. They treasure and value with what they got within themselves and don’t expect too much. They just want what’s needed for them be able to survive. People just want enough things for them to use they don’t expect a whole lot from a place that they are unfamiliar with. They are thankful with what they got and they learned to work with it.

Just like the American Indians, they worked hard and only worked with what they had to live with. They were thanking god for everything thing that they had for good use. They never expected more. They created more things out of things that they all ready had.

The story put very little faith in the ability of individuals to control their lives. It showed us individual pioneer’s ability to affect history by positive action. The story satisfied me at the end with happiness when Alexandra gets paid off from believing in the land and she was also being able to meet Carl again. This story shows how the people in history actually worked hard for their earnings and how they strive for their freedom of their belongings.

Willa Cather writes this story to show her voice as a woman upon the country like how women back in history writes to show their voice. That’s the way that history has been made for women who had very little power because back then women were nothing and can do nothing. So women decided to show their voice out by becoming writers and getting known for that. Willa Cather writes about how when American literature first published in 1913. She discovers her own voice like how women back in history did. Abigail Adams, Philis Wheatly , and other poets tried to find their power by writing and making people remember the women’s voice.

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