Analysis of the Ghost Character from Hamlet

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Analysis of the Ghost Character from Hamlet

In William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, The Ghost is a character that does not spend much time on stage but has a very meaningful position in the play. During the course of the first act, I learned that The Ghost looks very much like Hamlet’s dead father. “In the same figure like the king that’s dead.” (p.2) By the end of the first act, Hamlet finally meets with this ghostly being and during Hamlet’s encounter with The Ghost, Hamlet learns that this creature is his father’s spirit. “I am thy father’s spirit, Doom’d for a certain term to walk the night.” (p.23) Hamlet also learned that his uncle has murdered his father. “The serpent that did sting thy father’s life Now wears his crown.” (p.24) As I studied the character of The Ghost, I questioned myself whether or not it was good or evil.

When The Ghost first appears on stage, Shakespeare describes what He is wearing. “Such was the very armour he had on When he the ambitious Norway combated.” (p.3) One point that Shakespeare does not set across to the reader is the relationship he had with Hamlet. Before The Ghost even tells Hamlet what has happened to his father, he mentions the word revenge. “So art thou to revenge, when thou shalt hear.” (p.23) With this quote I can conclude that Hamlet’s father was a very selfish and determined man. When The Ghost speaks with his son, Shakespeare does not give any sort of stage directions for how The Ghost should act. However, in my mind, I think of The Ghost as very determined and all he wants is to get his point across.

The age of The Ghost is hard to determine because there is no reference to how old Hamlet is or even Gertrude. King Hamlet’s family was highly respected because they had much royalty. Therefore, I believe that King Hamlet was well liked by his country and his family. When King Hamlet came back after his death, the relationship he had with his son changed in a way that even Hamlet couldn’t understand. I think that The Ghost had so much anger inside of him because of what his own brother did that he decided to take it out on Hamlet.

In Act III Scene IV, The Ghost appears in The Queen’s closet while Gertrude and Hamlet are arguing. I believe the reason why The Ghost can only be seen by Hamlet is because The Ghost wants to have Hamlet in control of the revenge situation. While The Ghost is present in the room, he explains to Hamlet not to be so upset with his mother. “Do not forget. This visitation Is but to whet they almost blunted purpose…Speak to her, Hamlet.” (p.75) After The Ghost confronted his son about treating his mother with more respect, Hamlet decided to tell his mother why he was acting so strange. King Hamlet seems to have much control over his son, because of the way Hamlet calmed down.

As I analyzed The Ghost in Hamlet by William Shakespeare, I can conclude that this supernatural being was set back on earth for revenge against his brother. I can also conclude that this revenge was more like a “sweet revenge” than an “evil revenge”. Claudius was wrong for what he did to his brother, and I believe that King Hamlet did the right thing by telling his son. If Hamlet had approached the situation in a different way there could have been a possibility that innocent people wouldn’t have died.

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