The Achievements of Beowulf

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The Achievements of Beowulf

Beowulf could be described as an obedient subject, an adventurous warrior and a good king. Beowulf honoured and respected those who ruled his kingdom. He remained confident and fearless when in battle. As King he was noble to his name, heroic, and devoted to his people.

Beowulf accomplished all in which he sought to achieve. Everything he did was done for a reason; everything he achieved was for the people and to honour those who ranked above him in the kingdom. Beowulf could be described as an obedient subject as is evident throughout the poem. Beowulf says “ Anything I can do, here on this earth, To earn your love, oh great king, anything more than I have done, battles I can fight In your honour, summon me, I will come as I came before” (Pg 80, 1822-1826). Beowulf defeated Grendel, the bloodcurdling monster. He accomplished all in which he had come to do in Denmark, and if this were not he enough, he then proceeds to told King Higlac that he may be summoned again at any time, and that he would be willing to fight many more battles in his honour. Beowulf is again shown to be an obedient subject when the poet says “ Higlac’s widow Brought him the crown, offered him the kingdom, Not trusting Herdred, her son and Higlac’s, to beat off foreign invaders. But Beowulf Refused to rule when his lord’s son was alive, and the leaderless Geats could choose a rightful King. (Pg.97, 2369-2374) Beowulf refused to accept the crown and rule the kingdom because he felt that it would be unjust when Prince Herdred still lived. Beowulf honoured and respected King Higlac while he was living and showed the same respect for his family members after he parished. Even though Beowulf deserved to rule the Kingdom, he gave up this opportunity because he knew the King would want his son to take over after his death.

Beowulf performed many heroic deeds in his lifetime. He fought in many battles and over time was known for his ability to conquer anything that stood in his path. Beowulf could be considered an adventurous warrior as is apparent throughout the poem. The adventurous warrior in Beowulf is revealed when he says “ A Monster seized me, drew me swiftly toward the bottom, swimming with its claws tight in my flesh. But fate let me Find its heart with my sword, hack myself Free; I fought the Beast’s last battle, left it floating lifeless in the sea. (Pg 40, 553-558) Beowulf fought in many battles and conquered many monsters in his lifetime. Even with Grendel’s claws digging into his flesh, he did not give up, he continued to fight and defeated the monster. Once again Beowulf is seen to be an adventurous warrior when the poet says “ The warriors slept in that gable hall where they hoped He would keep them safe from evil, guard themfrom death till the end of their days was determined and the thread should be broken. But Beowulf lay wakeful, watching, waiting, eager to meet his enemy, and angry at the thought of his coming. (Pg 45, 702-709) As the warriors slept in Herot they felt safer because they knew Beowulf would protect them from any evil as he had done before with the slaughtering of Grendel. As they slept Beowulf stayed awake anticipating the arrival of his enemy.

Beowulf allowed for the people of Denmark to live happily after he defeated the evil monster, Grendel. When he became King of the Geats he also insured the safety of his people. He was proclaimed a great warrior in his early years and could be described as a good king as the years went by. The Poet says “ And So Beowulf’s followers Rode, mourning their beloved leader, arguing that no better king has ever lived.”(Pg 121, 3178-3181) Beowulf’s followers proclaimed he was the best King that ever lived. He made many great accomplishments throughout his reign. He ended all suffering, defeated all evils, and was valued and loved by all. The poet then went on to say” twelve or of the bravest Geats Rode their horses around the tower, Telling their sorrow, telling stories of their dead king and his greatness, his glory, Praising for heroic deeds, for a life as noble as his name.”(Pg 121, 3169-3174) Beowulf lived a life devoted to his people. After his death people mourned and praised his life for he was a heroic and noble king in which they would remember forever.

Beowulf’s achievements in life are numerous. He won every battle he took part in and attained many followers throughout his lifetime. He was loved and honored by all who knew him. Beowulf could be described as a good king, and adventurous warrior, and an obedient subject.

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