Frank Stockton's Short Story: Lady And The Tiger

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In the short story by Frank Stockton, “The Lady or the Tiger,” the author leaves the reader a question. The question is one of the human heart. Would a Semi-barbaric princess send her lover to a death most foul? Or would she send him into the arms of a willing and blushing courtier. By analyzing the story and looking at key ideas you can make an educated assumption about what came out of the right door. The answer is that the lady came out, because of her love for the grand youth was so strong, by her facial and mental expression, and by examining similar characters of semi-barbaric nature.

Some people say that when Stockton writes “she sat there, paler and whiter than any one in the vast ocean of anxious faces,” that she was nervous about sending him to his death. This is a very unwise analysis. The reader has to realize that the semi-barbaric princess was in love with the man. Her face was pale and white because she was about to send him into the arms of another woman, and never again would she be in his arms. She was very sad and heartbroken because she was about to witness the tragedy first hand.

If she were barbaric enough to send him to his death, she would have had a smile or some sort of expression that proved her to be barbaric.

Stockton also writes that the semi-barbaric princess hates the woman behind the questionable door. A lot of people believe that since the princess hates the woman, that she would never let her lover be married to her. Being quick to make decisions will land you with that prospect, but the truth is the opposite. You have to look at why the princess hated the woman. She hates the woman because she was jealous and envious of her. She was jealous of the fact that she was about to send her lover into the arms of the blushing and willing maiden.

Another way to prove to the innocence of the princess is to examine similar character qualities in related characters. Sorcia is the beautiful (semi-barbaric) princess in the story “Willow,” written by George Lucas. She falls in love with a swordsman and turns against her mother, Bavmorda in the name of love. Love brought her to defy her mother, just as love brought the semi-barbaric princess in the story to let her lover live a full life. Being semi-barbaric means that you have a stronger passion and loyalty to those you find a burning love.

By using the evidence of the tiger fans, you can prove that the lady came out of the right door. To deny this is to deny the true meaning of love. Many people believe the opposite because they do not know the true meaning of love, and are programmed to expect the tiger to come out. It takes a wicked person to send a lover to their death, not a semi-barbaric one. So now the question has been answered, and you must make your decision.

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