Concepts Of Space War And Militarisaton Of Space Media

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Space security can be looked at from different points of view. It can be explored from the point of view how space can be secured for its users free from stray satellites, asteroids and other materials that inhibit the outer space [] . Militarisation of space in simple terms would mean use of space in support of ground/sea and air operations of the armed forces and refers to developing assets with supporting ground infrastructure for military uses such as early warning, communication, command and control, Position Navigation and timing and monitoring. It helps military command, control and communication, strategic battlefield surveillance and weapon targeting [] . In the cold war era between US and Soviet Union a variety of Anti Satellite (ASAT) weaponry were developed and tested. Certain other countries have started to obtain this capability. China had neutralised one of own its weather satellites with a missile in Jan 2007. After this United States responded by neutralising its own ageing satellite in Feb 2008 by a missile interceptor which was modified version missile developed for ballistic missile defence. The ASAT potential using high energy lasers has been largely tested by the US, Soviet Union/Russia and China. The US continues to work on airborne lasers for Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) which also has ASAT potential. Certain other countries are also in the process of developing lasers, adaptive optics and tracking systems that could be a means to direct laser energy at a satellite.



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