Globalisation Of The Media Media

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The globalisation of the media has pave way for the print, internet and television advertisements to use images of thin females' bodies to sell products, and at the same time, these advertisements are viewed by females all over the world. As a result, we are constantly bombarded with the images of women portrayed as beautiful women with perfect bodies, making it easy for women in both western to have negative feelings about themselves. Be that has it may, this has changed the traditional notion of beauty, because many societies presenting value the generally acceptable standard of beauty as propagated by international beauty contests and the mass media (Poorani 2012:1).

The present research attempts examine the media through advertisements platform has become a means by which female body image are constructed. The main focus is on beauty product and slimming product advertisements targeted on females' body images. Included are studies from various fields of studies as well as reports, papers, journals, articles from different disciplines. Similarly, documents from media literacy, as well as adverts from websites are used in bits to understand the topic. "Media influences on females body image".


The media present females in different ways and at the same time persuaded females to acquire certain standard of beauty and body shape especially in the twenty first century. The media is blamed for using various platforms most especially advertisement to persuades females to achieve the power of beauty and social status, and to be independent of their male counterparts, and at the same time present females as slave of beauty standards. On the other hand, the theory of an ideal female body is a part way to the disembodiment of the female body such as breast, shape, buttocks, hair, legs, face, breast, with the sole aim of achieving, promoting interest and product sells through the use of the media platforms. In most internet advertisements for instance, the recent portrayal of ideal female beauty points to the notion that females are used for product sells for the so-called economic interest, at the same time this in return becomes a determinants of an ideal and acceptable beauty and body shape. In order to achieve this idealised body shape and beauty as portrayed in the media and the society at large, negative feelings and thought about body image and beauty develops and eating disordered habit, dieting etc sets in which can lead to Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia.



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