Tax And Rebate Policy For Game Addiction Problem Media

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This article introduces the relationship between online games and its players, and attempts to explain the possible social problems online gaming has caused among some players. Ahn and Park address the problem of gaming addiction and its effects on society as a whole. They investigate interested parties of online gaming to create a base model to help explain the increase or decrease of the participants over time with consideration to the positive/negative images of the activity. In addition to their investigative studies, Ahn and Park also propose a possible solution to the game addiction problems. They suggest implementing a tax and rebate policy which they believe will better the social image of online gaming while simultaneously decreasing the number of game addicts. This paper is an especially interesting source as it provides contrasting views on the advancement of technology (in regards to online gaming) compared to other sources, and proffers a most curious solution to the gaming addiction dilemma.

The authors illustrate how the revolution of the computer and video gaming age are changing the lives of people today. The authors have compiled a great selection of writings regarding the process of altering our perception of reality and virtuality. There are several selections articulating issues related to game players' ability to discern real and imaginary spaces, such as "Creating Alternate Realities" and "Life is Not a Game." These writings will help to support my thesis that online gaming and technology diffusion has indeed impacted society's male youths. Another crucial aspect this book covers is found in the "Competing Metagame Space," where the chapter specifically communicates the seriousness of online gaming, namely Starcraft, in Korea.

This book was found through the Gleeson Library online catalog when I searched the keywords: "Korea" and "online gaming."

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