Are The Public Ready For 3d Television Media

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In the world of Science and Technology, these days, 3D is getting popular.

It has become popular since 3D movies are released such as Up, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Megamind, Toy Story, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollow and more.

Everyone is excited about 3D because it is so much realistic, entertaining and high-definition.

Besides 3D movies, there are 3D games, 3D animations, 3D images, 3D action figures and now, 3D television.

Previously and now, everyone is watching 2D television.

Converting 2D television to 3D television, people would be excited to have their own personal 3D television at home.

With great technology these days, the 3D process can be done much easier compare to the previous time which is much complicated to create such a high-definition television.

It can be done within hours and automatically by computers. 

It is seen that almost everyone experienced 3D visual.

Thus, everyone should have their own 3D television at home.

Minority of people might wonder what 3D television is.

How does 3D television be made? To make 3D television, it requires two cameras.

One is for the left eye and the other is for the right eye.

If you notice that without the 3D glasses, it has double images.

Why? It is because one image is for the left eye and the other for the right eye.

By using 3D glasses, it combines these two images to one point of view.

3D television is guarantee of high-quality and high definition television.

The movies that would be played in would be clearer and realistic.

But are the public ready for this?

I would like to state my opinions on this before going through my research.

In my opinion, there are advantages and disadvantages on 3D television.

First of all, the advantage of having 3D television at home is they can watch 3D movies at home without spending their time drive all the way to the cinema.

Besides, they also could save their budget for daily use instead spending the money watching movies at the cinema.

The tickets are not cheap for per person to watch 3D movies.

It would be a waste of money to spend it just to watch three hours 3D movie.

Furthermore, family could enjoy watching 3D movies at home.

This is where parents could spend quality time with their children.

Watching at home would be much comfortable than cinema.

Lastly, people would get excited and thrill by the movies they watch in 3D television.

There are quite a number of 3D movies that are released recently which caught people's eyes.

They could just scream and laugh or cry without worrying other people might get angry at home.

In the cinema, most people would get angry and displeased with the noise while they were concentrating watching.

Unfortunately, there are disadvantages.

Firstly, 3D television is very costly.

It is a high-definition television.

Not only that, 3D television would be not complete without 3D glasses.

Or you end up watching double images.

Moreover, to watch 3D movies on 3D television, it requires 3D blue-ray DVD player or else it would not work.

Therefore, if people wanted to buy 3D television, it would be better to buy a complete set which includes the 3D glasses, 3D blue-ray DVD and perhaps the remote.

All together, the price would be very high.

Next, 3D glasses would bring bad effect for eyes.

Especially to the elders or anyone that have poor eye sight.

They probably could not watch clearly.

Certain places for example like the villages would not know how to use 3D television.

Their knowledge of Science and Technology is lacking and majority of them do not know how to handle technology gadget.

Plus, the villages could not afford to buy it even though they want it.

The demand for 3D television would be less.

In my opinion, the public are ready for 3D television although its price is high and other circumstances.

I did researches for this topic.

I choose three sources which are website, journal and book.

These sources also stated that 3D television has its own benefits and disadvantages.

It also supports my opinions about 3D television.

There is a research methodology for my research which is the interview.

For website source, I chose http://

I choose this website because it has the pros and the cons about 3D television.

Furthermore, it supports most of my opinions.

According to this website, the advantage of having 3D television is people can experience high-quality images in 3D at home which is very much comfortable in their own living room.

They would not have to go to the cinema to watch 3D films.

Besides, it gives great potential for those who like to play video games and computer games.

However, 3D television has its disadvantages.

According to this website, it stated that 3D television is not fully developed which mean it still requires 3D glasses to watch 3D movies, events or channels.

Without 3D glasses, the audience would not get to see three dimensional images.

Moreover, they have to sit in front of the 3D television to see the images or else they would not get a very good view of three dimensional images or effects of the films.

It is impossible to get a good view at a wide angle.

Other than that, 3D television is very expensive than 2D television.

Another disadvantage of 3D television in this website is people might have problems with their health.

Those who has lazy eyes or called amblyopia would have problems watching 3D movies.

They will fail to detect the depth of 3D images.

3D television glasses would gives bad effect for the brain too.

It is not suitable for people vulnerable to migraine and it can cause dizziness and headaches if they wear it for long hours.

This website also provided a lot of information such as What is 3D TV?, The future of 3D TV, 3D TV Televisions - Information and more.

It also provided the details of different types of 3D television and 3D glasses that available in the market for those who are interested to purchase them or just to have a look.

It would be useful for customer or people to know more about 3D television.

Next is a book source.

The book source that I am using is Three Dimensional Television: Capture, Transmission, Display by Haldun M.


This book is very useful for those who want to know more detail or information about 3D and 3D television.

It can answer the questions and explain what, why, when, who and how about 3D and 3D television.

It also contents the history of creating 3D and the process of creating 3D glasses and television.

According to this book, to create 3D television, it requires a pair of cameras which represent the left eye and the right eye, which are seen two slightly different angles.

One angle is for the left eye and the other angle for the right eye.

With great technology and solution, these two different angle images would combine into one image.

However, it would cause eye fatigue if using it for a longer period of time and it may cause motion sickness.

The third source is a journal which I chose Wise Up Journal.

It is available in the website which is

In this journal, it is more on the disadvantages of 3D television.

It stated that 3D television can cause a big risk for human health.

The one who are going to have a big risk for their health would be the elders, pregnant women, children, and those who suffered from serious sickness.

It has the alarming side effects such as dizziness, confusion, nauseous, body cramps, eye twitching and more.

These symptoms are very risky and consider being a serious issue for the elders, pregnant women and the people with serious sickness.

This is due to the 3D glasses.

The flashing images in the films would give a great impact for the eyes and brain.

Furthermore, these flashing images in the films are repeating and appear in a short period of time probably every second or minutes.

Now is the research methodology.

The methodology that I am using is interview.

The reason I choose this methodology is because it is easier for me to communicate with the people in the surrounding.

I asked the elders, adults, youth, and teenagers about 3D television.

After done interviewing, these are what I have discovered.

Firstly, the elders.

Minority of the elders would like to have 3D television at home and they have positive comment about it.

Most of them stated that it would be much comfortable watching at home with their family rather watching at the cinema.

They said it is not comfortable watching 3D films with youngsters around them.

Watching at home would be the best option to spend quality time with the whole of the family members.

On the other hand, majority of the elders, do not think that it is necessary to have 3D television at home.

Their opinions are contrast from the minority of other elders.

They stated that it is just a waste of money.

They do not think it is necessary to have one at home because not many movies are in 3D.

They also said that 3D television would be useless without 3D glasses and 3D movies.

If they were to buy 3D television, they have to buy 3D glasses which will be more expensive.

And 3D movies are not always available at the market.

If there is no other 3D movies to watch, the 3D television would just be a display at home.

Second, I interviewed the adults.

Almost every adult whom I interviewed has positive comments about 3D television.

The most popular comment is they would not have to drive to the cinema to watch 3D movies.

The second popular would be it is much comfortable watching at home with families and friends.

Besides that, they also stated that they could save their budget from spending them watching at the cinema because the tickets to watch 3D movies is costly compare with the tickets to watch normal movies.

Teenagers also have the most positive comments about it.

They said that it is much more entertaining watching at home.

It is easier to invite friends to their house to watch 3D movies together.

The popular reason why they prefer having 3D television at home is they can save their budget for schools and daily use.

Youths have positive comments too.

The comments are more or less the same like it is comfortable watching at home, they could spend quality time with their parents, and they would not have to drive to the cinema to spend the fuel because the fuel price is quite high.

They prefer watching at home than driving back and forth from their house to the cinema.

While doing the interviews, I took the opportunity to ask the villagers about 3D television.

Just like I thought, they do not know what 3D is.

This shows that certain area or places which are not well developed with Science and Technology would have a problem facing this.

From the sources, there are a lot of disadvantages of 3D television stated especially the health risk.

These three sources stated similar things about health risk.

But then, according to the research methodology I used, they are more positive comments about 3D television.

In conclusion, I can say that the public are ready for 3D television.

Almost everyone is experiencing 3D visual.

Therefore, having 3D television at home is not a problem.

My research methodology proves that the public are ready to have one at home.

However, due to its price, it has lack of demand even they wanted to have 3D television at home, they could not afford to buy it.

Watching 3D films for a long period would cause sickness which is a risk to the health too.