Obesity Is Becoming A Major Issue Media

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Obesity is becoming a major issue in America.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 35 of Americans over the age of 20 are considered to be obese while another 33 are overweight, but not quite obese yet.

These numbers have almost tripled in the last thirty years.

It is very important that adults and children have a better understanding of what obesity is, how it can be dangerous and life threatening, and how it can be prevented.

Obesity can not only affect your appearance but also can lead to very serious diseases.

It is crucial that people take care of their bodies and consume the nutrients they need while getting a sufficient amount of exercise.

The way of living has changed drastically over the last several years making it even harder to maintain a healthy diet.

It has become very easy to run in and grab a bag of chips or to zip through Taco Bell and grab a meal full of calories.

While eating unhealthy people are also not getting enough physical activity.

People spend to much time sitting at a desk or on the couch.

It is also very common for people to have a much more sedentary life style causing them to burn fewer calories than they should be.

It is okay to eat a little unhealthy every now and then if you are exercising and burning the calories throughout the day.

If a person is not burning the extra calories they are consuming it will lead to gradual fat build up that can often lead to clogged arteries and several other serious diseases.

Obesity is a very serious disease that can be prevented.

Obesity is measured by the individuals body mass index which is also know as BMI.

The only problem with judging the person's BMI is that it does not account for the individuals muscle.

There are several people who are considered to be overweight or even obese because they have so much muscle on their bodies.

If the person divides their weight by height and it is over 30 they are considered to be obese.

An individual with a BMI over 25 is considered to be overweight, this would be a person who was 5' 2" and weighed 137 pounds.

The individual should aim to keep their BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Though this is considered to be a healthy weight it is not exactly America's ideal look.

For a 20 year old female to be 127 pounds at 5' 2'' with a BMI 23.2 which is considered to be a very normal weight but in the eyes of America that is considered to be a little "chubby." The average "America's Next Top Model" should be within 5' 8" and 5' 10" with a BMI between 16 and 17 making them extremely overweight.

It is very sad that America is causing people to feel that they are overweight which often leads to eating disorders in young girls.

It seems as if there are not very many "normal" weight people in America it goes from the extreme of being underweight to the extreme of being over weight.

The magazines that use to show size 6 or larger women as models now show 00 as the "It" girls and size 6 are now considered to be a plus size model, so what does that make the slightly overweight size 10 girls? It is crazy how America can put such a spin on the what normal should be.

While there are people suffering with eating disorders others are suffering from obesity.

Obese individuals are no longer in the minority.

Normal weight individuals are now in the minority while the underweight, overweight, and obese are the majority.

Obesity is caused by much more than having a cheeseburger every now and then.

It normally takes many years to reach the stage of obesity.

There are several factors that cause a person to become obese.

Fast food has become a major issue in America over the past few centuries.

"Super Sizing" has caused the normal unhealthy meals to be even worse.

American's are all about penny pinching and if we are tempted with twice the amount of food for just a few extra cents must are going to do it just because they feel like they feel like they are saving money.

Fast food has also become such a problem because it is so convenient.

In the United States everything is always about speed.

It much easier to stop and grab something to eat on lunch break than it is to wake up thirty minutes earlier to fix a healthy lunch to take with you.

Vending machines are also a huge contributor to people becoming obese.

Companies do not fill vending machines with things like apples or healthy nuts, instead it is full of junk food like chips and candy.

It is almost impossible to find a business office or school that does not have a vending machine in it full of junk food.

These vending machines are allowing adults and children to eat incredibly high amounts of calories while not getting full.

Secondly, sedentary lifestyles are a leading cause to obesity.

Technology has made it incredibly easy to sit in one place for hours at a time without ever having to get up for anything other than getting something to eat or using the restroom.

Computers and cellular phones have made it possible to communicate with the person down the hall or with someone on the other side of the world without ever having to leave one's seat.

The media also leads people to believe that eating unhealthy foods and living a sedentary life style is okay.

It has become nearly impossible to watch a television show without seeing a commercial about some sort of unhealthy food.

The media makes everything look so appealing but does not explain how many calories are in the foods.

Lastly, one's environment causes the majority of individuals to becomes obese.

When a child grows up with obese parents they are 25 to 30 percent more likely to become obese.

This happens because when the adults are over eating on a daily occurrence the children are more likely to do so as well.

These are just the major causes of obesity.

It is tragic to think that such simple things can lead to such an awful thing like obesity.

Obesity use to affect adults much more than it did children.

Over the last few centuries obesity has drastically affected children throughout America.

Roughly 9 million children are suffering from obesity in America.

Though some adjustments have been made in the school programs to help fight obesity, there is a lot that needs to be done.

New programs have cut back the amount of unhealthy foods children are allowed to eat during the school day.

This is a great idea, but the government have cut back so much that many children are not getting full during lunch which causes them to go home after class to consume large amounts of very unhealthy snacks.

There needs to be a compromise so that children are able to get full while still eating healthy.

The schools can only do so much to keep children from becoming obese.

Parents need to step up and make sure their children are becoming active and getting enough physical activity while having a healthy diet.

Children who are obese during their adolescence days are likely to be obese as an adult.

Their are many changes that need to be made in the American lifestyle to prevent the future children from obesity.

Though obesity has greatly affected America over the past thirty years, it has also affected many other countries around the world.

In Central America, the sedentary lifestyle has taken over many people.

Years ago people had to work outdoors a lot to maintain their farms, today equipment has been made making it much easier to take care of the farms while riding a tractor all day instead of having to do all the work by hand.

The urban slums in Central America also make it very difficult for people in Central America to get the amount of physical activity they need.

It can be very dangerous in these areas, so going outside for a walk or jog around the block is not a safe idea.

In places like Brazil, the economy had the greatest affect on obesity.

The economy started to do a lot better between 1960's and 1990's allowing people to make more money.

The amount of food available to the people has greatly increased.

The amount of malnourished adults has greatly decreased while the obesity rate has raised 4%.

People have began to eat much more while exercising much less over the past several years.

In places like Argentina the numbers are quite different while many of the people are malnourished they are still obese.

This is because the amount of unhealthy food they eat does not provide them with the energy to be active at all times.

The people in Argentina do not have healthy foods available to them, so if they want to eat at all they are forced to eat the industrialized, mass-produced, undifferentiated, and inexpensive products.

Due to the lack of money the people have to buy things that will feed more so instead of buying one good meal they have to buy things like rice and bread.

It is very sickening to think that American's are obese because we choose to eat whatever we want and we choose to go home at the end of the day and sit on the couch while people all over the world are obese because they do not have the opportunity to eat healthy or the energy to exercise regularly.

Obesity is so much more than just looking a little overweight.

It can lead to several devastating diseases and disorders.

As far as cancer, 25 to 30% of several cancers may be in result of obesity and lack of physical activity.

Scientist have concluded that colon, breast, kidney and esophagus cancers can be caused by obesity.

Cancer can also lead to things such as high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and many more.

If one can cut 5 to 10% of their total body weight it can provide several health benefits that would lower the risk of having one of these diseases.

Obesity can also lead to several very serious disorders.

Once a person has become obese it can When young girls become obese they often experience a lot of pressure from peers and often go through a lot of verbal abuse from other people.

The harassment can often lead to disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

Anorexia is when a person chooses not to eat or to only eat the bare minimum to survive.

Bulimia is when a person eats large amounts and then gags themselves until they are able to vomit or they abuse laxatives.

Malnutrition can affect the brain, heart, liver, kidneys, bone marrow, skin, and reproduction.

The heart can be drastically slowed down which put the person at a higher risk of heart failure.

Bulimia can also lead to irritation of the esophagus or even esophagus tears.

These eating disorders can become very serious and even lead to death if they are not treated early on.

Several studies have been done that prove even when people lose drastic amounts of weight due to these disorders they still see themselves as overweight and continue to lose weight until it has become a major problem.

It is awful that instead of treating obesity the right way with diet and exercise they make terrible decisions that can often lead to emotional and physical problems.

Obesity is a very serious problem, but with the right tactic can be easily treated.

Diet and exercise are a must when trying to lose weight.

It is important that while dieting the individual is sure to still get the amounts of nutrients to stay healthy.

Nutrition is very important while participating in regular physical activity.

If one can continue with a proper diet and exercise fighting obesity should be no problem.

Obesity is having a very high BMI causing them to be very overweight.

It is caused by excessive eating of unhealthy foods and the lack of exercise.

Obesity is affecting adults and children all throughout America while it is also affecting individuals in places such as; Central America, Brazil, and Argentina.

This disease can lead to serious diseases such as cancer and heart disease along with disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Though it is a very serious disorder it can easily be treated by diet and exercise.