Looking At The History Behind Advertisement Media

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Advertisement is an art to attract common man to buy or think about a certain product. Different mediums have been used in order to sell certain commodity, since preliminary years when the trading started. People advertising their items use different techniques in order to attract the consumers.


The oldest form of advertisements is billboards and out of home advertising. Ancient Egyptians fossils depict that they use papyrus to make wall posters. Another manifestation of advertisement is wall and rock painting which is present in different parts of Asia, South America and Africa.

In 17th century advertisement began to appear in weekly newspapers in England. And later with the invention of printing press, radios, television, internet and now mobiles has accelerates this field and has given vast dimensions to advertising.


Any place where an identified sponsor paid to convey their message is a type of advertisement. It may include mass media, such as television, radio, newspapers, internet etc or print media such as billboards, roadside hoardings, flyers, sides of busses, broachers, back of tickets and supermarkets bills etc.

Brief reviews on current and future trends of advertisements are given below:


Television is normally considered as the most effective advertising media. The popularity of any program is normally judged by the number of sponsors for it.

Virtual advertisements are these days inserted into programs through computer graphics. One can see these types of advertisements in sports events.

Latest trends in television advertisements:

Infomercials are the type of advertisements that refers to the commercial normally longer than 5 minutes of duration. It describe in detail the features and qualities of the product.

The advantage of this type of advertisement is that it offers a prompt response from a buyer. The consumer watch the advert and quickly buys the product through the given Toll-free numbers and websites. Now different television channels are devoted to this type of advertising.


This is the type of advertisement in which radio is used as a medium. This type of advertising is now declining due to its limitations of being restricted to sound.


Print media or press advertisement is a vast group that includes newspapers and magazines, as well as printed brochures. Another type of press advertising is classified advertisements which enable private individuals or smaller companies to buy or sell their items, or properties. It is relatively a low cost advertising.


Billboard advertisement is the types of advertisement used in public palces and near traffic signals in order to attract pedestrian and motorists that are passing through. Previously painted billboards were used, but now with the advancement of latest technology, and digital media, modern billboards featuring animations as well as the commercials seen on television are used instead.


Digital advertisement is the most rapid growing and modern form of advertisement. It includes online advertising and mobile advertising. The main advantage of this type of advertisement is that it is relatively cheaper than television marketing and offers a prompt response to the advertiser.

What will be the future of advertising? Today with the boom in digital media, and with this, changing preferences of a common man, every manufacturer is opt to think about changing their marketing strategies.

With the declining audience of television and increase usage of internet and mobile phones, the manufacturer is now changing their minds to spend more of the allocated budget on internet advertisements. The clear example of this can be seen in different social websites, such as face book, Google, msn or yahoo. Where there are plenty of companies advertising their product in a page, and the pop ups which normally open with the required sites. Several companies advertise their programs through emails. Another form of marketing which is gaining popularity is online marketing, which is paying individuals to forward their messages either through forwarding their mails, or through spreading their messages in social sites.

Advantages of digital advertising over mass media:

PPC (pay per click). The manufacturers only have to pay for customer’s response. Whereas this thing is not possible in mass media, where sponsor have to pay a fixed amount for the duration and repetition of the commercial.

Digital media offers instant and more visible response from the buyer as compared to traditional forms of marketing, e.g. online shopping sites.

It is easier for the marketing companies to implement changes quickly rather than waiting for all the formalities to get done before the commercial to run on television.

It conveys message more easily and quickly, e.g. with s.m.s service the marketing companies send their messages directly to the mobile user.

Regardless of these advantages however, this type of advertisements can only work with the blend of traditional marketing strategies, because still there is a group of population who is not able to use internet. So the future of advertisement would probably be blend of these marketing tools.

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