Role Of Media In The Future Media

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It is no doubt that the role of media in the context of military operations in anywhere in the world is utmost important towards the final result of the particular operations whether for the victory or the defeat. As stated by James Reston in New York Times that "It is no longer possible for a free country to fight even a limited war in a world of modern communications, with reporters and television cameras on the battlefield against the feelings and wishes of the people" it has been proven that media plays a vital role in both pre and post operation scenarios.

Media has developed technologically [] to a great extent nowadays any information generated from anywhere in the world could be disseminated to any of the interested party living anywhere in the world within few seconds. So that the media has become a very influential partner in any type of military operation conducted at any country and both parties engaged in the operation make maximum effort to enjoy the advantage of having the most powerful media coverage.


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