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For the purpose of this report, the UK newspaper print publishing industry is defined as including any paper-printed Publication with origins from the United Kingdom usually issued daily, weekly, or at other regular times that provides news, views, features, and other information of public interest and often carries advertising.

It is important to note however, that it does not include any other form of paper printed publications such as magazines, books or journals and the intended market for the industry is national and regional in nature.

Nearly 70% of the adult UK population read a regional newspaper, according to research commissioned by the Newspaper Society in 2008. This equates to approximately 40 million adult readers. (Key notes 2010)

Newspapers have also been regarded as a major part of UK media and culture for decades. Its circulation and readership has cut across every social strata, sector and age group though some age groups are more prone to read a newspaper than others. As such it can be safe to assume that a vibrant market exists for the UK industry but as with all social trends, evolution is inevitable and in it lies some of the difficulties experienced in the industry.

Although the industry is very mature with well established players, in recent years it has been losing its dominance as a major source of news. Another weakness is in its reliance on advertising for most of its revenue as this makes it vulnerable to unstable economic trends.

Opportunities exist for companies to take advantage of the digital revolution in recent years and become multi-platform sources of news and general information. Integration into other media platforms such as smart phones and the internet are a few of such options.

Threats to the industry include; rising costs in paper, utilities, and distribution. It also includes the increase in competition for advertising revenue but by far, the most challenging issue has been the emergence of digital media and the industry shift to accommodate its impact.


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