An Analysis Of American Cultural Media

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It is well known that Hollywood is the centre of American film industry.

With the Hollywood as a representative, American film industry is the best in the world, no matter from the market share, film quantity, the amount of capital investment and ideological influence.

As a part of American culture, Hollywood films have become an important medium which can widely publicize the mainstream of American values and ideology.

The paper begins with the Hollywood films, then analyses the American cultural imperialism.

The super heroic films have been the Hollywood favourite theme all the time.

This is not just to satisfy the market and audience's psychological demand, but there is a deeper reason for this favourite.

The contemporary Hollywood films try to express the individual heroismi??white supremacy and universalism in the mainstream of American values, which make the audiences accept American values and ideology unconsciously.

Thus they achieve a "soft power" to conquer other countries.

This is an expression of cultural imperialism.

Under the context of globalization, studies of the cultural imperialism still have significant values.

This article falls into four parts: the first part is the introduction; the second part introduces the definition of cultural imperialism; the third part attempts to discuss the mainstream of American values and ideology which are reflected in the films by using the cultural imperialism theory, and unearth the cultural connotations of these films; in the last part, the article will analyze the American cultural imperialism in Hollywood films based on the above analysis.

Keyword: Cultural imperialism; Hollywood films; Individualism; Heroism; white supremacy