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This section spells out the procedures and the methods that the researcher employed in achieving the objectives of the project so highlighted in the abstract of this paper. It defines location of the study, research procedures and analysis plan that were addressed in the course of the study consideration when carrying out this particular research. The research was supposed to start with the clear understanding of the research objectives as well as the hypothesis. Success of the project was a factor of the provision of satisfying information in line with the objectives and hypothesis in the determination of how documentary films are used for governmental propaganda. (Rabiger, 2004).

The objective of the research just as a recap is to identify the effective mechanisms of how documentary films are used for governmental propaganda. It is important to note here that this research was mainly based on the questionnaire even though other research methodologies were briefly discussed.

Primary research

Primary research refers to collection of statistics that is nonexistent. This was considered to be achieved through numerous forms: including the use of questionnaires, making telephone conversations, surveys, etc. As pertained to this project, the primary sources were likely be the existing producers of documentary films used for governmental propaganda. The major merit with conducting primary research is that it accurate. However, the disadvantage of primary research is that it was time consuming, as it involved dealing with people from various regions, the human sources may only become resourceful out of their own willingness, and this took them quit sometimes before making up their minds to tell what they knew or give their side stories about your questions on how documentary films are used for governmental propaganda (Chanan, 2008).

Secondary research on the other hand is the collection of existing data, that is, in contrast to primary research. For example: research on experiments or specific subjects. The merit of secondary research is that it's not time consuming however a disadvantage is that the information retrieved may not be relevant.

Choice of research philosophy

Another aspect that is of great significance in this research was the research strategy. It's the research strategy that indicated which methods a researcher adapted to answer the research objectives or questions on how documentary films are used for governmental propaganda. There are types of research strategies that were employed in conducting a research study. These included experiments, case studies, survey, theoretical perspectives, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. It was imperative to examine some of these strategies while paying particular attention to the case study method which was applied in this particular research.

Resources need for research

The researcher also made exposed to the choice of use of survey, case studies, questionnaires and interviews to come up with the required information concerning the topic. Survey was seen to be an important research strategy popular in conducting research. Surveys allow large amount of data collection from a large population. This implied that the researcher would conduct surveys and question specific groups of people to obtain large amount of information relevant to the subject of the survey on how documentary films are used for governmental propaganda. The data in this case was to be collected from the people either via questionnaire or orally. The purpose of the survey was to establish and analyze views of respondents in order to find what they thought about particular situation, case or statement and in this respect, how documentary films are used for governmental propaganda. However, despite the fact that the views from a large number of respondents was to be gathered through the survey strategy, the data obtained could not all reflect to the objective of the research at depth (Philip, 1997).


In order to achieve the purpose of the investigation, the key focus lies on finding out which techniques should be applied with regard to the achievement of victory through the use of documentary films to propagate government propaganda. Interviews were the best method for understanding this research. 'A respondent interview is a situation whereby the interviewer directs interviews and the interviewer gives response to questions of researcher'. And to add more weight on this observation, Chanan, (2008), added that the paradigm survey interview is essentially blundered and it therefore cannot provide as ideal ideological representation against which to weigh up other approaches. He Chanan, (2008)) also elaborates by describing interviews as the verbal exchange of information between two or more people for the principal purpose of one person or group gathering information from the other. And that Semi structured interviews enable one to fix and control circumstances in order to collect appropriate data while remaining flexible and responsive (Chanan, 2008)).

In order to analyze the psychological and behavioral reasons for decisions of the sources, the collected primary data was collected through the distribution of questionnaires. They however emphasized it is very important to note that questionnaires should reach the right people, to allow for an appropriate amount of information to be collected. Different types of interviews that the researchers opted to apply to their studies. The three are inclusive of the structured interviews, the semi-structured interviews, and unstructured interviews (Wyver, 989).

Structured interviews consist of closed-ended questions, where the structure of the questions, responses and the interview itself is decided prior to the interview. The interviewer has more control over the responses, and can lead the interview into the direction they want. However, the responses received are limited. Semi-structured interviews consist of closed and/or open-ended questions, allowing the interviewer to have some control over the responses and the interview. Although the open-ended questions allow the interviewee to express themselves and encourage them to present their views and opinions, unstructured interviews consist of open-ended questions that do not restrict the interviewee's responses, therefore collecting a wide range of information. This kind of interview is more supple in-terms of the questions being asked and their ordering, all depending upon the interviewees responses. After considering these different types of interviews, Questionnaires are considered more useful for this study. This is necessary, as it allows gaining a deeper understanding of the participants' views.

In this research study, I interviewed National Libraries and two private archives in the United States which had rich sources on articles about propaganda and documentary films.

Research validity and reliability

A debate about the findings of the preceding literatures on how documentary films are used for governmental propaganda includes the discussion of the 'research', more often than not referring to the manner in which the statistics were collected'. This research being a phenomenological, all questions are related to theoretical characteristics discussed in literature preview. The process would therefore be accurate in collecting, analyzing and sampling data; hence the validity of result would be quite high. Considering that there are many different aspects of validity, which influence the validity of the research in general.

Ethical consideration

The participants were supplied with different questionnaires based on specific areas of interests. The approval or the disapproval of implementation of the program should be based on its merits and demerits as determined after conducting the research. All the participants were given their respectively informed consent for the purpose of participation in the research. They were informed prior to the research, the purposes, the potential benefits as well as the risks that might be associated with their participation. Ethical standards shall be considered in the process of the procedures of the research.

If the participants may chose not to answer any part of the question/s, their right to not answer shall be acknowledged and it will be ensured that the privacy of any person shall not compromised upon. Two attempts shall be made and no further again to respect the privacy of any individual. Besides, the proposal for a general announcement of the ruling for agreeing to contribute to no other involvement incentive shall be offered. Whilst conducting interviews with the sources, researcher should stay cognitive of the selected interview time and makes no efforts to intentionally lengthen the interview. Moreover, as an important part of the ethical considerations, all the sources of secondary data are given complete recognition for their input to this study. The composed data is characterized truthfully and the investigation is to the finest of the researcher's knowledge and capability

Limitations encountered

During the carrying out of the research several challenges were encountered which included:


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