Evolution Of Advertisement Reflecting Anglophone Culture Media

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The era of mass advertisement started in the late 1940s when television became a commerical medium and the use of psychological techniques, before television came out print and radio were the main sources of advertisement. In all ads there is one common goal, to make the product appealing, whether it is sex appeal, location, or discrete psychological targets. The first advertising agency in the United States, was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1869 by N.W. Ayer & Son, they were the creators behind some good slogans for example "I'd walk a mile for a Camel" for the cigarette brand Camel. In the 1920's a new commercial media follwed by the use of radio. The TV advertising agencies had to learn to effectively segment the audience and deliver the right commercial message to the right group of consumers. Since the use of television as a commercial medium the way products were sold was remarkable. It was a new way of approaching its audience with 30 till 60 second videos. This was the start of an era of mass advertisement on the Anglophone culture. This 'evolution' of marketing from 1900 up till now has lead to better understanding of advertising, but overall it is an evolution of understanding the human psyche better. We live in a new era which beholds a new pinnicle in marketing techniques: the fMRI. It is this very secret weapon that beholds the truth in our brains showing what appeals to us the most, due to the understanding of mirror neurons and dopamine. Now after a century of trying to understand what Americans want, we now know exactly which techniques work, thanks to fMRI.

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