Tense and aspect

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Tense and aspect are the most important grammatical categories for expressing time and temporal relations in English. For me, I will share my experience Now I am an English teacher at Udonthani Vocational College. I teach many English courses such as English for communication 2 , English Conversation , Business English .In each course I have taught 4 language skills such as listening skill, writing skill, speaking skill and reading skill. Students must learn every language skills because English is very important . If you want to communicate English very well you must practice 4 language skills.

According to the topic "28 Tense and aspect" They are very necessary in teaching grammar. Students must learn how to use tense and aspect. I will teach every English course but I don't teach them all at the same time.

The aim of teaching tense and aspect is to study various linguistic approaches to the description of tense and aspect in English Moreover the course description will be the focus of the ways of expressing present, past, future time. Now I will explain you some English course that I teach in this semester. Before start teaching I will study the course discription from the Vocational Education Commission curriculum. After that I will construc the course syllabus follow the the curriculum.

I do the course outline by myself. Then I will study the content and provide the lesson which related the course description from many textbooks. I choose some content and combine to one book. For example I teach English for Conversation 2 (2000-1202) for the first year student in accounting field.

I teach 18 Weeks in each semester. I must plan my teaching 9 units (1 unit per 2 week) I will choose some tense and aspect to teach in each unit . In unit one I taught about family . I will choose Present Tense of verb to be and verb to do. Students must know the structure of Tense . How or when to use it?

How to make Wh-question. In unit 2 I taught about keeping a diary. Students must know and understand Past Simple Tense. They can tell the story in the past . The most important thing before to teach teacher must prepare their teaching and lesson plan . Teacher must improve teaching method and strategies The teachers must know the meaning of tense and aspect and also had understanding .I will show you the content as follow:

What is Tense?

The Definition of Tense (noun) : a form of a verb used to indicate the time . Tense is a method that we use in English to refer to time. There are three main principle of tenses . They are past tense , present tense and future tense. I will explain the meaning of each Tense. First, Present Tense verb show something is happening right now or at the present time. Second, Past tense verbs which tell about actions which happened some time ago are past tense verbs . Third, Future tense mean verbs which tell about actions which are going to happen are future tense verbs.

Many languages use tenses to talk about time. Other language have no tenses, but of course they can still talk about time, using different methods. I will talk about time in English with tense. For example: - Jirapon goes to temple. ( Present Tense) - Udom went to school yesterday ( Past Tense) - Suki will go to school tomorrow ( Future Tense)

What is aspect?

Aspect expresses a feature of the action related to time such as completion rod duration. Present simple and past simple tenses have no aspect. Aspect always include Perfect Tenses and Progressive or continuous Tense .For example:Perfective aspect ( be+ ing)

  • My parents have lived in Udon Thani since last October.
  • I have studied English since last year.

Progressive aspect ( have+ past participle)

  • They are reading newspaper in the room.
  • David is washing his car at home.

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