The Importance of Student School Attendance and Parents

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The Importance of Student School Attendance and Parents

My Mother comes home at nights and tells me stories. The stories are about kids who end up in jail. There is one kid who stands out in my mind. He would go to school and do nothing but cause trouble. He would affect the people around him. One day he started and ended a fight in school. He not only got suspended but also severely injured the other kid and served time. If he was not in school the fight would have never happened and the conflict could have been avoided. He was in school because he had to be.

The problem is there but we need a solution. Roger Sipher who wrote, “So That Nobody Has to Go to School If they Don’t Want To”(4) gave a great solution. He said we should abolish compulsory-attendance laws. We should get rid of the laws. If the laws were to be done away with, the students who want to learn can. It would also make parents take a more active role in their child’s life. Sipher stats, ”Schools are neither day car centers nor indoor street corners.”(4)

Students who cause trouble or do not want to learn and are in school because they have to be only slow down the ones who want to be there. If we only have students who want to be there the grades would show what the student is learning. The High School Diploma would also become more prestigious and more respected. Kids need some more people to look up to.

If the laws were to diminish the parents would have to play larger roles in their children’s lives. When the state takes the responsibilities of the parent; the parent, after time, stops being the parent. Thus the kids will conclude or start to feel that the parents do not care about them. With out the love and attention of the parents the kids have a harder time getting into school. Also the money that is spent on the enforcing of the laws could go to the students and the schools. These laws are only hurting us.

If kids want to learn they should be able to do so with out trouble. The students can learn more the parents would be more active and the schools would have more money. With out the compulsory-attendance laws all these things will be possible. A smarter generation will be born.

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