Garbage Reduction

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Garbage Reduction

Humans have always had an impact on their surroundings. Garbage is one of our biggest effects on nature. Unlike other animals, humans create too much waste for nature to keep up. American’s create almost 210 million tons of waste a year. Almost 42 percent of that garbage is in paper wastes. With the continually rising of the earth’s population, the situation is going to get harder and harder to slow, or fix.

With garbage comes pollution. In our burning of garbage we are destroying the atmosphere just as fast as we are just leaving the garbage on the ground. When you burn garbage it gives off extremely poisonous gases into the atmosphere. If a person breathes this air it can hurt their lungs and if untreated can result in death. Even if we bury our garbage it will not go away. By polluting the ground it can seep into our farming soil and even into our ground water.

The biggest solution to our garbage problem is the fabled R.R.R. (reduce, reuse, recycle as you have certainly heard before). If 42 percent of our garbage is paper wastes, that is 42 percent preventable garbage. Imaging if everyone recycled their paper instead of throwing it out. Our landfills would increase at considerably lower rates and we would prevent the releasing of harmful gases into the atmosphere from them. In Denmark large efforts are being used to reduce garbage. Their goal is to have over 60 percent of household goods to be recycled. If every nation followed this same ambition to reduce our garbage problem, our future will be much brighter for our children.

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