Iran is not Barbaric

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Iran is not Barbaric!

The American people, though they strive on equality, human rights and democracy are uneducated and ignorant of other cultures. All they know is their own life and some are not even interested in learning about other cultures. Many people don’t even know what Iran is or where it is. They have formed stereotypical views of what Iran is about. In the movie “Not Without My Daughter” portrays Iran and its people in a negative way. They just formed and idea from stereotypical views that already existed and made a movie about it. In the essay I will illustrate what Iran is and who the people are.

Iran is a country in the Middle East. It was formally known as Persia. After the revolution in 1979, it became a fanatical Muslim country. One third of the nation is deserts. There are big cities and cars and computers and other forms of technology. Iran is also know for their beautiful hand made rugs which are famous around the world.

Some stereotypical views on Iran held by Americans are they are terrorists, everyone rides on camels, there are only deserts there, we don’t have technology, and women don’t have rights and are physically abused.

The movie “Not Without My Daughter” portrays Iran barbaric in a way. The movie adds to the stereotypical views already held by Americans. It illustrates in the movie that women have no rights and are physically abused. The men are abusive and superior to women. The movie demonstrates that Iran has a male dominated culture, however that is not the case.

The social message of this movie is that Iran is not westernized and the people are barbaric. The women have no say in the family and the men are abusive and superior of the women.

The social relevance is that some people are uneducated about Iran and instead of educating people about Iran in this movie, it adds to the stereotypes that already exist. They portrayed Iran in a negative way and that’s not how the people of Iran want to be seen as.

The cultural perspective is that this movie is made form an Americans point of view that used existing stereotypes and made them facts through this movie. They didn’t get a true analysis on what Iran is and who the people really are,

Though this movie might have been a true story, it only to the already existing stereotypes on Iran and its people. Many Persians were unhappy with this movie and they protested. As Persian people we want others to be educated about the country and the people. The movie industry has an affect on people, and this movie reached a lot of people who were uneducated about Iran; this was not a good impression.

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