American Military Special Forces

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American Military Special Forces

You leave for up to seven months at a time on missions that you can’t even tell your wife about and when you are home most of your time is spent training for more missions. You’ve had years of the best and hardest military training in the world. You have the best weapons, the hardest missions and the best technology. You are part of an elite branch of the U.S military known as the Special Forces.

The Special Forces is actually not just one group but a group of different specialized groups. These groups are: The United States Navy Special Warfare Command which includes The Navy SEALs and the Special boat Squadrons, The US Army Special Forces which includes the Green Berets and Delta force. The Airforce Special Operations Command and The Army’s 4th Psychological Operations Group.

The first of these is The United States Navy Special Warfare Command which is in charge of the SEALs and Special boat Squadrons.

The SEALs were created in WWII as under water demolition men. In the few hours before the invasion of Normandy it was the SEALs that cleared the beaches of mines and other barriers placed by the Germans to halt the invasion, the SEALs did so under heavy fire and suffered many casualties.

Becoming a SEAL is one of the hardest military tests in the world it’s a 26 week long ordeal. First you must already have passed a very precise physical exam for Navy divers, have eyesight at least 20/40 in one eye and 20/70 in the other, adjustable to 20/20 without colorblindness. You must be younger than 28 and a male and pass a very tough fitness test and you must already be in the Navy and have certain ratings. For seven weeks you train and precondition for BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/School) which lasts nine weeks. The first part consists of five weeks of obstacle courses and jogging and swimming. The next part is the hardest Hell Week. A week where you only getting 4 hours of sleep the whole week and you get to do fun stuff like carrying 200 pound rafts over your head and marching with them. Holding up 600 pound logs with your crew and swimming in the cold San Diego Bay.

If you do pass Hell week and the rest of training you will become one of the few who can call themselves SEALs. Navy SEALs have many kinds of missions but they specialize in shore raids of objectives near water.

The second part of The United States Navy Special Warfare Command is the Special Boat Squadron the SBS’ job is to get the SEALs and any other special force that needs travel by boat to get where they need to go. The SBS has many different boats and rafts to help them do this: The Patrol Boat Coastal the biggest of their armada it’s designed to be a floating platform for missions and at 170 feet it does that quite well. The Rigid Inflatable Boat is a kind of oversized raft with (depending on its size) M60s, .50 caliber machine guns and Mk19 grenade launchers that can shoot up to two kilometers. It comes in 24, 30 and 33 feet. The SBS has several other high-speed and mission-specific boats.

The US Army Green Berets were created in 1947 after a secret CIA operation in Korea failed. They had many missions during Vietnam.

Becoming a Green Beret is a long ordeal. First you have to pass the Special Forces Assessment and Selection course then the Special Forces Qualification Course.

The Green berets are basically the US Army’s equivalent to the Navy SEALs. As the SEALs specialize in what the Navy does coastal, missions, ship raids. The Green Berets are talented in what the Army does like forest missions, rappelling, parachuting but the Berets specialty is reconnaissance and the majority of their missions in The Gulf were so. Both forces usually use the same kind of weapons and they usually work together.

The second part of The US Army Special Forces and the most secretive of the US military is Delta Force the Pentagon will not even publicly admit that it exists. Delta’s selection process is very mysterious and strange.

Twice a year staff from Delta take a secret trip to St Louis to look at Army personnel records of the green Berets and Rangers. Then they make up a list of names they have chosen. Those on it get a letter stating Delta Force is interested. Then they are given an interview then they have to pass a tough fitness test and swim test. Then they must pass the selection and assessment test of land navigation, swimming, psychological assessment, and enforced isolation. The Delta psychiatrists ask hundreds of personal questions to find their profile, they look for stable individuals. At the end of the psychological evaluation each trainee must write an autobiography. Throughout the 18-day process the students are put through mental and psychological mayhem. Most of any training in the Army stresses the importance of a buddy system but this training is done in complete isolation. Only a number and a color identify applicants. The Delta drill sergeants don’t say a word to them, they don’t tell them if they’re doing good or bad.

The students are told to wake themselves up by a certain time to begin a timed march to certain different points they do this all day then they go to sleep and are told to wake themselves up at a certain time. Instructors secretly watch the students while the students are on their individual marches to make sure they aren’t taking shortcuts the first time someone is caught they are warned the second time they are out. After 48 hours of doing that the trainees are taken back to their barracks for a shower and the last part of their test. They are given a couple of military books and they have to read and write a detailed report on each one in eighteen hours. After this they go back to the psychologist for another group of psychological questions this time they are so tired that they tell the psychiatrist just about every lie or crime whatever that they have done. Once they have been selected they begin Delta Force training depending on what their specialty is some go to a special racetrack where they learn how to evade pursuers in a car and how to make quick getaways. Others learn how to read the blueprints of buildings and how to trace heating and air conditioning ducts. Some operators are sent to airports to learn aircraft repair baggage control and cabin cleaning so they can pretend to be maintenance crews during a high-jacking. In one exercise to move a hostage away to the third story of another building. The only problem is that the hostage was a goat and they weren’t allowed to take him up the stairs.

-The Airforce Special Operations Command (ASOC) is the Special Forces unit of the Airforce. The job of ASOC is to provide stealthy aerial transportation and fire support for the different special operations units. ASOC has many different planes and helicopters.

-The AC-130 Spectre is a C-130 Hercules with night vision targeting sensors and a mix of heavy weapons, which usually include a 105mm Howitzer, 40mm Bofors automatic cannon and 20mm 6-barrel Gatling machine gun

-The MH-60 is a helicopter whic7.62mm h is about 30 feet in length it usually is used for transport and support and it has 6 barrel miniguns that can fire up to 4000 rounds a minute.
-The AH-6 Little Bird is just a smaller, faster version of the MH-60 it usually carries 7.62mm miniguns and rockets.
-The MH-53J Pave Low is the most advanced military helicopter in the world. It is so advanced it takes six crewmen to fly it. This 40 million dollar helicopter is packed with some of the most exotic and classified equipment in the world .It is enclosed in top of the line armor plating and it is defended by 7.62mm miniguns and .50 caliber machine guns.
-ASOC uses many other forms of aerial transportation many though are still classified.

The Army’s 4th Psychological Operations Group (PSYOPS) is the special group that uses different forms of psychological warfare to intimidate the enemy.

This was done to the most extent in The Gulf War where the Iraqi soldiers most of whom were ill-equipped and hungry, were commonly bombarded with pamphlets telling them the Americans were their friends, that Saddam Hussein was using them so he would get rich. After those warnings the pamphlets became more personal reminding the soldiers of their families and how the US was going to begin dropping the BLU-82 bomb the most powerful bomb dropped on Iraqi forces.

Despite their capabilities many commanders and soldiers of conventional US military units dislike the Special Forces they think that the Forces are nothing but a bunch of trigger-happy teenagers who managed to pass through a hell week. When the Special Forces are an elite highly trained group of specialists who get the most dangerous missions and aren’t mentioned to the public. If you think of the US Military as A spear the Special Forces would be the part on the tip that broke off and poisoned the enemy.

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