Hummer (General Motors)

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General Motors is known as GM. It is found in 1908 as General Motors. It owns one of its brands off- road sport utility vehicle named HUMMER .Hummer is found in the year 1992, in Detroit, United States of America. This model is advanced four wheel drive used for military purpose in United States. Initially hummer was built by AM GENERAL MOTORS, in the year 1998 AM GENERAL MOTORS sold hummer to general motors but they continued to manufacture the vehicle. The distribution ad marketing of hummer was made by general motors. It produces little number of vehicles per year. Hummer has three models H1, H2, H3 and H3 is the smallest model of all the three.


Hummer is the safest vehicle of all. Due to safety and looks the priority of all rich people is Hummer. Hummer is the strongest brand in general motors. The sale of this sport utility vehicle has repeatedly fallen since past few years. In January 2007, the sales of hummer were fallen by 23%, and in the year 2009, the sales has been reduced by 60%.There has been a repeated decline in the sales of hummer.

The main problem with hummer is its high production cost which comparing to others car companies is high. It emits three times more carbon dioxide than other common car. It is not fuel efficient. Its maintenance is high. Cost of this car comparing to other cars is very high. The tyres have to be replaced after twenty thousand kilo meters and costs thousand pounds. It is a four seated and its storage place is very small.

General motors says that H2 has a four wheel drive system which gives hummer to push in twenty inches of water and up to seventy percent inclined, but these type of obstacles are not in our way to home so going for hummer would not make a sense. It is used in military purposes in especially in United States army. Its weight is very high; it weighs 64000 pounds which is very much. For moving heavy vehicles it requires high fuel consumption to get more horse power above 400hp. This implies high carbon dioxide emission than an average car. Hummer emission of carbon dioxide is three times more than other car. From the law of physics force =mg higher the weight force will be more, thus the breaking distance are longest around 30 to 50 feet longer than the other vehicles.

Other problem which affected the sale of hummer is the increase in the demand of smaller and greener cars. If someone stops in front of hummer car driver the next stop of the owner will be in front of the judge. Due to this the highest insurance cost for the industry. During the drive the driver has extremely low visibility in every direction. Due to this there are more chances of accidents. Driving in traffic is more difficult since there is a fear of sudden stopping. The spare tyre acquires more space in the rear of the hummer. It is not fun to drive on the road but it's comfortable on off road. So, on the other hand that is going to think to spend thousands of dollars on it, for a vehicle which has fun off road only.

Most of the people buy hummer because they want attention. The biggest thing will be the buyers valet and also resale which matters the most. Te increase in fuel prices and potential buyers have to do more research on customer relation and satisfaction. Off course few people must need attention. Maintenance of the car is more compared to other cars depending upon the models.


Hummer brand need to launch different models for different class people, so that it can be easily affordable by average earning people, such as hybrid cars. Depending on models this SUV can be converted into fuel economy hybrid which is holding high resale value. Increase in the marketing of the SUV, so that people get aware of hummer. There is a lack of awareness in people about hummer. Changes in the car accessories like the defensive windows should be changed to normal windows. The luxury interior should be changed to common interior, the visibility of the drivers vision should be changed to normal.

The plants should be introduced globally and it is one of the hand-made plants. Making the car fuel efficient. Reducing the cost makes it easier for the sale. Reducing in the size of the car which enables us for an easy drive in the traffic. This also helps us in parking the car. As there is a reduce in the world fuel a better solution for the car to be made easy is make it hybrid which enables us in reducing the pollution as well as the increase in the sales of the car providing a warranty of eight years. By making it hybrid, there is a reduction in the carbon dioxide reduction, better horse power and acceleration, compared to other car, fuel economy will be increased to forty percent of previous mileage and global positioning system should be introduced in hummer. You do not plug it in it when breaking kinetic energy will be recollected and the gasoline engine charges will be off.

The initial price will be slightly decreased. Owning a new technology car of this type gives low maintenance, breaks down and mainly stuck. There are several hybrid vehicles can be choose from various size, performance, brand and category. Hybrid cost less and it is for long term conventional consumer report. As hummer is only available in 4x4 models which can be transmitted in 2x2 model and be released in the market.


We are going to introduce the HYBRID MODELS or GREENER VEHICLES which gives better miles per gallon that is increase in mileage up to forty percent and emission of the carbon dioxide will be minute. The life of the car increases and the maintenance cost will be decrease. This hybrid system doesn't have any effect if the fuel prices increases. Here we are introducing the types of classes in this type of hybrid models or GREENER VEHICLES. These classes are mainly targeted for medium people. The plant of the hybrid model car will be cheaper. In hybrid cars the speed is limited and this can be best used for inter city transport. The horse power is increased and the weight of the car is decreased and the accessories which are meant for luxury are decreased.

We are introducing global positioning system can be introduced in the car and 2x2 models are released which reduces the production cost as well as the cost of engine manufacturing will be reduced automatically. Keeping the ground clearance as the same we are changing the unbreakable glasses to the normal once. Advertising the vehicles to all the sub continents in the world, this helps in bringing awareness in the people about its importance. Different models should be launched such as SUV, TRUCK, MOBILE and family. Preference for buying a car will be in top, which help them to select a model which suits there life style.the hummer cars which includes luxury features like on star road assistance,blue tooth control are standard stock safety features include traction control system and electronic stability, front side curtain airbags and theft security system are not included in the hybrid hummer.

The small and new hummer hybrid is fast enough to pull some short electronic brake turns by taking the reverse when u generally the steering is responsible to feel ride. If you want to go off road we can change to a more powerful gear


Globalisation of the hummer is done in a simple way that we are collaborating with the local company based in a specific country. As the company is in loss we are not in a situation to invest money in new plants. If we are working in collaboration it reduces the risk of money involved in built up of new plants. As well as we have changed the model of hummer to a cheaper model and luxury model to semi luxury model it is easier in collaborating with the company according to the country's market demand.

This increases the sale of the new hummer hybrid in the global market. By applying these functions, we will meet the targets of different class of people and can cover up the losses in the next few years.