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Important Characteristics to Leadership
Important Characteristics to Leadership The transition of power is about to take place. The old leader, looking worn and weary speaks of all the year has meant; thanks the many who have helped. There is measured applause and the old leader shakes the hand of the new leader. As practiced words are spoken outlining the vision for the following year, neither leader's attention is on the words. The departing leader feels renewed, relieved and saddened at the same time. The new leader has moments...
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Iodine-Deficiency and Toxicity.
Iodine-Deficiency and Toxicity. This essay talks about Iodine. What it does to the body when there is deficiency and toxicity. Why it is important to the body. The essay focuses on different age groups as well. The precautions to take. etc. If you are looking for a grade 12 study report on Iodine deficiency and toxicity then this is for you! A human body has to intake iodine (which is found in food as iodide) for the proper functioning of thyroid glands related hormones. These hormones are...
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How to Do Basic Skating Tricks
Kick flip HOW TO KICKFLIP - There is a lot of hype surrounding the kickflip and it is probably the most popular trick in skating today. The kickflip is a lot easier than many think. A KICKFLIP IS VERY, VERY SIMILAR TO AN OLLIE. Stand on the board as you would for an ollie, but have your front foot slightly more on the edge of the board. Start the kickflip just as you would an ollie and drag the front foot straight up the board from it's starting position. (Just by doing this the board should...
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A Saturday
“Javed”, said I, “please tell Mr. Majeed Sir that I will take Naveed with me.” “OK, I will”, he said . Javed was our C.R at C.E.M School while we were in the 4th standard. He, like me, was careless about his assigned homework. None of us would do our homework especially that of Mathematics because it was too boring to maintain this notebook as one had to write on it everyday and thus was a tiresome job. So naturally its result, as everybody would expect,...
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Making the Death Penalty a More Effective Crime Deterent
Making the Death Penalty a More Effective Crime Deterent Over the past many years, people have argued over the effectiveness of the death penalty. The majority of executions have come from convictions of homicides (murder), though execution has been a choice in punishment for rape, treason, kidnapping, and armed robbery. Many people consider the death penalty as immoral and ineffective to deter crime. These people are half right; it is an ineffective means to deter crime. With this...
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Expanding the Security Council
Expanding the Security Council is an issue that I was thinking about for long time. Many countries believe that they should become members of the Big Five club; they demand the expanding of the council. Countries like Japan, Germany, Italy and even some under developed countries like South Africa, Egypt, Brazil and other countries want the privileges of being permanents members of the Security Council. On the other hand, the five VETO holders will not accept some other countries to hold their...
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Efficiency of Perfectly Competitive Economies
Efficiency of Perfectly Competitive Economies When we talk about perfect competition we mean a market structure that leave firms in a unique brand of competition. In fact a firm does not actually compete under perfect competition, it reacts to the market conditions, taking price and other market factors as beyond its control. A market is a perfect competition if it meets four basic criteria. The product of all sellers must be identical. All participants in the market, buyers, sellers, must be...
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Animal Farm Character Analysis
Animal Farm Character Analysis Benjamin symbolizes the older generation, the critics of any new rebellion. Really this old donkey is the only animal who seems as though he couldn't care less about Napoleon and Animal Farm. It's almost as if he can see into the future, knowing that the revolt is only a temporary change, and will flop in the end. Benjamin is the only animal who doesn't seem to have expected anything good to come from the revolution. He almost seems on a whole different...
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Adolf Hitler Biography
The seeds of Hitler's rise to power were planted following the outcome of the First World War. With Germany's defeat, many German men returned to Germany feeling betrayed by their country and government. Among them was Adolf Hitler, a young Austrian Corporal who had fought bravely for Germany. When the World War broke out, Hitler was very happy. The War had been a blessing to the young Hitler, who had been unsuccessful in civilian life. When Germany was defeated, Hitler was devastated. He...
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The Importance of Picking the Right Career Path
The Importance of Picking the Right Career Path We seem to think that choosing the right career is an easy task. I too felt the same way until I found myself stuck in a dead end job. As a elementary student we are taught to set goals that predefine what we will be when we grow up. Those careers appeared to be very promising at that time. By the time we reach middle school not only have those goals changed but they are now completely opposite of the career path chosen in elementary...
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