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T Cell Receptor And The B Cell Receptor Biology
The entire world is full of pathogens which we need to fight off to leave a normal life. Due to this, we have an immune system that helps us fight off and prevent/manage subsequent infections. Our immune system can be classified into two, the innate and acquired immune responses. The innate immune response is broadly specific and provides the first defensive action against any infection. Their response to any subsequent infection stays the same as the initial infection. In contrast, the...
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Analysis Of Cultural Imperialism With Hollywood Films Media
With the rising of electronic media, in the 1960s scholar Marshall Mcluhan raised the notion of 'global village', which provides a common platform of random communication without physical and geography distance for worldwide people. In this perspective, this kind of information circumstance will enforce everyone globally to be the participant of, and struggle for a same strategy, because we are inevitably connected with each other (Mcluhan and Quentin, 1967). In the rest years of twentieth...
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The literature on development
INTRODUCTION The literature on development has long recognized the importance of the third sector. Throughout the 1980s there was an evident and growing enthusiasm for the contribution of NGOs particularly for their ability to work directly with the poor and with grassroots organisations (Turner,1988; Gorman,1984). According to Carroll (1992), it was in 1985 that official development agencies arrived at the same conclusion that the advantages of NGOs, such as flexibility,...
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The Start Of A Management Thought Commerce
Managing is the most important activity of human beings. Ever since man started forming social groups and organizations to attain goals and achievements that could only be accomplished by a combined effort from all the members in the group and for any such effort to achieve success, management and coordination of the individual efforts is necessary. Society has continuously relied on such group efforts and since these organizational groups have become larger in size, the task of mangers has...
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Implementing Session Based Functionality Computer Science
For implementing session based functionality, we have used open source java technologies, JSP and Servlet. The figure 5.1 shows the general architecture of JSP/ Servlet framework. We are using XML to store all the information for the session at the path specified by the user. Figure 5.1: JSP Model Architecture [22] JSP and Servlet can be used together for rapid development of platform independent applications which have enhanced performance, separated business logic with user interface design,...
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Cross Cultural Business Training And Communication Management
Culture affects every part of a business from initial communication to building team synergy. To conduct business in a foreign country, one must understand the traditions and values of the society, along with consumer needs. Estimates show that more than half of all international joint ventures fail within 2-3 years because of the lack of cultural competency.  Certain issues need to be addressed for a business to ascertain what is culturally correct in a country. Resolution of these issues...
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The Confidence Building Measures In India And Pakistan Politics
Confidence-building measures in some form or another have been around since organised, large-scale violence began - Kanti Bajpai Confidence-Building Measures (CBMs) are those steps or agreements on which states agree with mutual benefits in mind, and have faith that all concerned shall obey such agreements. These steps or agreements ultimately develop trust between the signatory states and help in achieving peace and stability in the region. [] Limiting or reducing the level of fear...
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Various Sorting Algorithms A Review Computer Science
An algorithm is any well-defined procedure or set of instructions, that takes some input in the form of some values, processes them and gives some values as output. Sorting involves rearranging information into either ascending or descending order. Sorting is considered as a fundamental operation in computer science as it is used as an intermediate step in many operations. The goal of this paper is too reviewed on various different sorting algorithms and compares the various performance factors...
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Web Application Related Security Issues Computer Science
In this report, we describe the nature of the diverse web application related security issues, which were tested during the Internet Security module practical sessions. A number of simulators provided by Foundstone Professional Services, Hacme like casino, book store, shipping, bank, DotNet framework and MS SQL Server were tested. The result of these simulators was overwhelming that web applications undergo from number of vulnerabilities due to weak design of client-side and server-side...
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Biological Effect Of Gamma Rays Biology
Experiments was carried out with Blackgram urd bean Variety TNAU Co 6 to Study the Effects of gamma rays and EMS on seeed germination and survival, pollen and seed fertility, plant height, no of primary branch no of cluster per plant,no of pod per plant ,pod length, no of seed per plan, hunder seed weight, and yield per plant in M1generation and progressive reduction in germination and survival percentage, pollen and seed fertility and yield related triats were observed in the mutagenic...
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