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Thematic Analysis of All Quiet on the Western Front
Thematic Analysis of All Quiet on the Western Front Have you ever wondered what the actual horrors of WWI are like? Erich Maria Remarque depicts these horrors through the eyes of a soldier named Paul Bäumer. Paul Bäumer, the narrator and protagonist in All Quiet on the Western Front, is a character who develops extensively within the course of the novel. As a young man, he is persuaded to join the German Army during World War I. Paul quickly learns that it is not as glorious as the military...
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The Hierarchy of Life
The hierarchy of life Ahh... what a beautiful tool for organization, prioritizing, and being right. I imagine you would like to know a little more about it.. So if you are comfortable, we shall begin. In life, we consider ourselves lucky to be wealthy, happy, healthy, sexy - not to mention countless other words ending with Y -, popular or even famous. What we do not realize is that none of that matters. There are really only a few things that need to be put into a hierarchy, the rest,...
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Development of Language
Development of Language Knowing a language means one can speak, be understood and understand others who know the language. Although I have taken three years of Spanish, I would not say that I definitively know Spanish. I would not feel comfortable going to Spain alone and trying to survive merely with the three years training that I received. I would inevitably make mistakes, conjugating verbs improperly or stringing nonsensical sentences together. Knowing a language means knowing the things...
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"Pricing" - The element taken for granted in Marke
"Pricing" - The element taken for granted in Marketing Despite the importance of effective pricing for marketing success, many organisations only pay lip service to same. The reasons could be, (a) A lack of understanding, of the true strategic value of sound pricing strategy. (b) The overreliance on finance personnel, to independently formulate pricing policy and strategies. (c) The lack of financial/costing knowledge on the part of marketers. Whatever the reasons may be, it is...
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Battle At Bull Run By William Davis
Battle At Bull Run By William Davis Whether it is called Bull Run or Manassas, this battle was a great victory for the members of the Confederate States of America and an incredible learning experience for the United States of America. William C. Davis takes his readers on a journey through this battle in an enlightening yet challenging manner. For the newcomer to military writing this book would prove to be very challenging. To follow Davis, the reader would probably need to read through...
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Plot Summary of The Catcher in the Rye
The whole story is based around Holden Caufield. Holden is your typical rebellious teenager: naive, defiant, pessimistic and indifferent to what goes on around him. He does not care about doing well in school, as proven by his lack of effort in school and his expulsions from other schools. Basically, Holden is about to be expelled from his current school, so he embarks on a bit of an "adventure" to New York. And that's basically the plot. The plot may be a bit superficial on the outside, but...
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Poetry Land
I grew up in WenZhou, a city in west central China about 12 hours away from Shanghai by riverboat. Although a medium-size town, WenZhou feels like a little village. It was the place where I learned how to read and write in Chinese. People used to call WenZhou “Poetry Land,” because most of the people there were highly educated and they loved poems. You could often hear women singing poetry at laundry time, children reciting poetry in the morning, and old people poetizing in...
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Hamlet Friendship or Betrayal
Hamlet - Friendship or Betrayal William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is the story of a troubled prince attempting to avenge his father’s murder as his good and honesty starts to diminish. Hamlet loses his loved ones including his mother and father due to a royal scandal. Hamlet then has no other choice but to turn to his friends for consultation and advice. Hamlet’s friendship with Horatio boosts, while Rosencrantz and Guildenstern convey their loyalty, discarding their friendship...
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Medieval Astrology
Medieval Astrology Astrology is an ancient practice many civilizations used. Throughout many years the people believed the stars and planets guided their life to where it would go. Boethius, the counsel of Rome, believed that the movements of the planets told the people of “earthly events.” Astrology originated with the Chaldean, in Babylon, Mesopotamia, around 2300 BC. Many people practiced astrology in temples and became religious to many people. Astrology than spread to...
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Electoral College: 2000 Election Results Fair?
Electoral College: 2000 Election Results Fair? With the surge of controversy surrounding the recent election, the United States has rekindled the Electoral College debate. However, this isn't the first time that a tight election has resulted in unclear or contested results. Nor is it the first time the Electoral College has made a president out of the popular vote loser. In the over two hundred years since its construction, the Electoral College has demonstrated its shortcomings with more...
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