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Ethical panorama of business
In this case, the Goa High Court ordered the closure of the company's operations because the effluents of the company were polluting the sea causing large-scale deaths of fish and also polluting the wells of villagers and damaging the crops. Here the company was obviously violating the environment laws. The company has a statutory duty in such cases to take care of the pollutants and maintain the environmental balance. It follows the principle that the polluter pays. Conclusion ...
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Significant and increasing proportion of couples
The issues that are facing the courts today are the significant and increasing proportion of couples and family members that are co-habitating outside of the traditional framework of a society long ago. As such the courts are struggling to keep up with society in determining beneficial interests and it's subsequent quantification. This presents a clear problem, as it is quite difficult to effectively quantify indirect contributions. Thus, the courts have been very cautious when approaching...
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Issue Minorities Within Europe
European Human Rights Introduction The issue of minorities within Europe has gained increasing importance over the last century. After the atrocities witnessed during the Second World War, the protection of human rights was considered paramount. The United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to safeguard these rights internationally. To further cement human rights protection within Europe, the Council of Europe enacted the European Convention for the Protection of Human...
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Kosovo is a disputed territory following the collapse of yugoslavia
Kosovo is a disputed territory following the collapse of Yugoslavia. The partially recognised Republic of Kosovo, a self-declared independent state, has de facto control over most of the territory. Serbia does not recognise the unilateral secession of Kosovo and considers it a United Nations governed entity within its sovereign territory. On 17 February 2008, the Assembly of Kosovo declared Kosovo's independence as the Republic of Kosovo. Its independence is recognised by 74 UN member states...
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System adopted by judges as the guidance
On the 29th October, 2010 Steven advertised in the NewFocus Paper, “Yamaha Piano latest model, excellent condition, RM15,000, interested please call 016 1234567”.On the 1st November 2010, Tanny after seeing the piano, offered RM10,000 to buy the piano. Steven said “I will not sell it below RM 14,000 and I will not sell it to anyone else before 7th November 2010.”Tanny went to Australia for a few days and came back to Malaysia on the 7th of November 2010. On the 8th of...
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Regional Trade Agreements Contrary To WTO Interests
The conclusion of regional trade Agreements is a practice that is contrary to the interests of the World Trade Organization. Critique this statement with reference to the principle of competitive liberalization and the failure of the Doha Round. Table of Content Introduction 1. The Concept of Regional Trade Agreements 1.1 The Principles of RTAs1.1.1 FTAs1.1.2 CU 2. Article XXIV of the GATT 2.1 GATS Provisions on FTAs and CU Requirements2.2. RTA Consistency with the GATT Rules 3. The...
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Time and delay related provisions under JCT
In a construction contract, both the employer and the contractor may contribute to causing delay to construction contracts. Employers may cause delay by constantly changing the design and contractors may cause delay due to the lack of efficiency in planning. There are also delays that are caused by events which neither party has control over e.g. force majeure and adverse weather. To cater to these issues, most of the standard forms of contracts allows for extension of time. There has always...
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Australia's legal system
Thus, the two houses of Parliament comprise the Legislative arm of the Australian political system. The government is drawn from the party or parties that command a majority in the House of Representatives. At present, the Liberal Party and the National Party govern in coalition. Legislation has to pass both houses in order to become law and, except in the case of money bills, the Senate has equal power with the House of Representatives". Therefore, the Australian legal system can be...
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Workplace and Age Discrimination
The report is a contextual evaluation of the age oriented diversity problems prevalent in the workplace in the United Kingdom, and presents a strategic and policy oriented analysis of the existing workplace diversity situation, recommending policy methods to the situation, and eventually presenting an answer to the question: “How does age discrimination at workplace influence upon the work environment and employment/growth opportunities in the United Kingdom. Also, what policy methods and...
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Construction Projects Incorporate A Variety Of Processes
Importance of Processes under Review. Construction projects incorporate a variety of processes throughout their lifecycle and incorporate a series of teams who are appointed to deliver specific aspects of each project. Diagram 1 below depicts how traditional projects encompass two main teams- the client and their appointed designers and advisors and the Main Contractor with their team to deliver the construction works on site. Diagram 1 - Organisational Structure for Traditional Projects. Once...
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