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Youth street gangs
History of youth street gangs The issue of young people joining street gangs has indeed raised concern to adults and peer groups due to the unbearable violence and behaviour reported in the media and witnessed in communities. As I have mentioned previously in the UK and in the United States, statistics show that the level of street gang activity is on an increase. The phenomenon of street gangs is not new and street gangs do come from a long history.Street gangs have been in existence for many...
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Contract between company and members
Introduction Section 33 of the Companies Act 2006 provides for a ‘statutory contract' between the company and its members. It is this contact that is the subject of much controversy and confusion which has spanned over a period of decades. The main controversy focuses on the question of whether the contract can be enforced by members to ensure that a right associated with them in another role, such as the right given to a director who is also a member. This question of enforcement and...
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Law And Reasoning Behind Sexual Harassment
Sally was an employee of Fidget Company Limited. Before her dismissal she was subjected to sexual harassment by Randy, her supervisor. She emphasised that she was uninterested in a relationship and was opposed to his harassment. Sally complained to the President of the Company about Randy’s conduct but no action was taken. Randy’s continuous harassment caused Sally to develop high blood pressure. Sally eventually submitted a letter of complaint to her employer asking that an...
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Definition of Industrial Dispute
The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, is an effort on the part of the government to normalize industrial relations in India. This legislation ispremeditated to ensure industrial peace by recourse to a given procedure and machinery for investigation and settlement of industrial disputes. Its foremost objective is to provide for anunbiased and equitable settlement of disputes by negotiations, conciliation, mediation, voluntary arbitration and compulsory adjudication instead of by trial of strength...
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Liability For Stress At Work
The most recent development in the field of employment-based personal injury claims concerns stress-related conditions. The issue has increasingly moved up the Health and Safety Executive’s agenda and id hence finding a place in the criminal law arm of health and safety law as well as on the civil law side. This brief examines whether the law on liability for stress at work has developed in a satisfactory manner. The brief starts by a general overview of common law and statutory...
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Analysis Of Legal Certainty And Fairness
Importance of employee status – many employment rights dependent uponThe changes in the labour market bringing about an increased need for a clear and certain definition: employer numerical & functional strategies shifts burdens on employees with employer desirability of ‘self employed status’ – atypical workers. Given that such workers are often particularly vulnerable – women and low paid – is this fair ? Is this the price that has to be paid for wealth creation and a...
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Case of Giller vs Procopets Australian Tort law
The case of Giller versus Procopets tries to look into the Australian law of Torts and how the Australian legal system is mechanized to deal with various torts an example being the intentional infliction of emotional distress. Judgments were entered by three judges being Maxwell p, Ashley and Neavejja. The paper basically aims to look at the different judgments entered and their ratio decidendi not forgetting the obiter dictum.a. factsThe parties in this case once cohabited in the same...
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Paper Society Digital Era
Introduction: As our society is moving from paper-based society to the digital era, the need to know the laws that govern this virtual reality has become imperative. Such is the grasp of the World Wide Web that a nation's critical infrastructural elements - financial systems, commerce, national security, energy, and so on - are managed and monitored by digital systems that rely on a globally distributed network. But there is always a threat from the thoughtless and malicious to the peace and...
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External Sources Of The Contract Of Employment
Employers and employees are generally free to agree whatever contractual terms they wish, provided certain statutory rights are complied with, including the right not to be discriminated against on grounds of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion or disability. The United Kingdom law governing contracts of employment derives from three main sources common law, statute and law of the European Community. The main statutes governing employment is the Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA), the...
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Hydropolitics of the Indus Water Treaty
There are 261 international rivers in the world and the total surface of around seventy percent of the earth is covered with water. Be it Americans and Mexicans, the people surrounding the Nile or India and Pakistan, water has been a major cause of political fissures. It is now being predicted that future wars will be fought over water – the only scarce resource which has no substitute. The desire to control water resources to cater to the ever growing needs of the burgeoning populations, and...
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