True Meaning Of Science Philosophy

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The purpose of this paper is to learn the circumstances in which scientific evidence is foundational and more or less useful in practice to make reliable decisions. Science and the scientific method are defined and reviewed from a historical perspective to gain an understanding of the utility, intent, and consequences of scientific evidence in practice. It is learned that empirical regularities rather than explanatory concepts largely represent the evidence sourced from the scientific method. A continuing problem with the traditional scientific method is the subjectivity of scientists and practitioners. Objectivity is the aim in seeking truth when determining evidence. Paradoxically our subjectivity and ability to reason increases the probability of finding the truth. To explore this dilemma a contemporary exemplar of empirical evidence called Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is discussed. The aim of EBP is to ensure people receive care based on the best possible evidence. The debate about EBP's merits and shortcomings is ongoing. There is value to be gained from extreme views for and against the use of such methods. Most scientists and practitioners agree that gathering evidence is a human endeavour and a patient's voice is part of the evidence used in practice. Reliability based on patient centered care draws upon empirical evidence combined with clinical expertise, reasoning, and judgment as well as patients preferences and values. Although scientific methods do have a role in determining the effects and outcomes of treatments, these methods, and the evidence derived solely from these methods, are deficient or unreliable in many health care situations and in others they simply do not apply. In nursing some other methods to source evidence in practice are clinical reasoning, critical inquiry, explanatory inquiry, and pragmatic relational inquiry.

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