Every Man Longs For Happiness Philosophy

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What is one thing in life that man strives for.  Most people would probably say it is happiness. Every man longs for happiness, a happiness that is long lasting rather than temporary. In order to find true happiness, one must be passionate about something to gain satisfaction. Everyone has a different perspective on what happiness really is and how it is achieved.  There is only one type of happiness that really satisfies a person during their lifetime; happiness that is genuinely from within. True happiness comes from things people are passionate about and care about, whether it is a job, a hobby, or a lover. Many people tend to turn to superficial things for bliss, but eventually that type of bliss fades away. One cannot attain contentment and happiness from something which has an expiration date. Passion is an intense emotion or desire for something such as religion. Happiness is a mental or emotional state influenced by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Satisfaction is the fulfillment or gratification of a desire, need, or appetite. Many people strive for the instant satisfaction that materials give them, with the hopes that satisfaction will last; however, temporary things only bring temporary happiness. In order to find true happiness, one must be passionate about something immaterial to gain satisfaction and to eventually gain that happiness.

Contentment comes from happiness and happiness comes from passion. Where their happiness stems from and how long that happiness will last, differs between people. Temporary happiness, which is happiness that is not within, fades away. It is a happiness which intends to make up for the loss of the happiness from within. Most of the time people mistake materialism as a gate to long lasting happiness, but realistically it empties the heart even more when one realizes that indeed this type of happiness is brief. Materialism, as a temporary happiness, is able to please the person for a small amount of time because it eventually fades away once he/she gets over the initial excitement of an object. It is a human thing for people of all ages to long for true happiness.

True happiness is a happiness that can satisfy deep inside, as a whole, instead of just on the surface. The most common thing perceived as true happiness is love for one another. Indeed it is one of the many forms of true happiness for it satisfies man physically and mentally, but it comes down to how that love is achieved. If it is a love that comes from passion and both individuals who love each other deeply and unconditionally, then it is most definitely a form of true happiness. If not, it is just another delusion that love brings happiness, instead it will bring sadness. For example, finding out that the one you truly love doesn't share the same true love is devastating. It could possibly put someone into a sudden depression mode. That is the catch to love: love must be a two way street for it to be a source of eternal happiness. However, when it is fabricated, forged, or bought, it becomes a factor of sadness.

Can money buy love and happiness? Yes, money can buy love or happiness, but would that bought love and happiness stay forever? No. Once again, it is a temporary act or feeling. How long would one be able to live off of a bought love? As time passes, we notice that society influences our mind and opinions on things more and more. It would be safe to say that back in the day people found true happiness at the most hardest of times and easiest of times. True happiness came like water; it was either stable and present or rare and nonexistent. People loved one another with passion and satisfaction; they loved each other knowing that this love is eternal. Now, society is trying to make us live and change our ideas and methods of happiness according to their standards. Today we see that lovers try to buy one another's satisfaction left to right, it has become a norm. Men or even women are starting to think that genuine love or happiness isn't needed, it could be bought. For example, Kobe Bryant bought his wife, Vanessa Bryant, a four million dollar ring to 'buy her love back' after allegedly cheating on her.  This misconception does nothing but add to the fact that everlasting happiness can be bought.

Many individuals misinterpret happiness. They automatically think that money brings eternal contentment. For example, celebrities, they are rich and beautiful so they must be happy and content with life, and for many it actually might be like that. But there are many celebrities that  live in wealth, fame, and 'happiness' but still end up commiting suicide, and most of the time it is through overdosing on drugs and alcohol; a few examples are Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, and Anna Nicole Smith. What about the others? Those who are rich are not always happy. Money can only do so much to make one happy, humans need happiness from a living source, a source that is able to communicate with one another, and money is the opposite. Humans long for a passionate love that can satisfy their dose of happiness, and the most passionate thing that may bring endless happiness is the relationship of a mother and a child. This type of happiness is enjoined with passion and satisfaction at the same time. The mother is the bearer of the child, the sole fact of being a bearer brings a sense of pleasure. The passion comes in when the mother knows that this child is from her, this child was and has been a part of her, and it is her passion to love her child.

Passion comes from various sources. One can find passion in a job, a religion, or a hobby. A passion is something that, no matter what circumstances they are in, they find happiness in and are able to confide in it. The mere fact that somebody longs for something they are passionate about gives meaning to their life and that they are able to live for something they truly love. Living without a passion, of any sort, makes one question as to why he/she is even alive-what are they living for? Is it the everyday routine in life or is it the satisfaction and genuine happiness they receive from a focus in their life that they live for? Such questions allow others to ponder what they value and if the things they value are worth being valued and if they are the source of their happiness. Fortunately, for a handful of people, passion in their religion or playing an instrument or being a doctor is what brings them happiness and makes life worth living. It gives them purpose in life; it makes them feel like they are living their lives to the fullest. One of the most prominent men in history is Gandhi. He was known for being so passionate about freedom and justice, and being able to preach these two to make a difference in the world truly gave him happiness and contentment in this life. Gandhi lived with purpose, and his purpose was supporting his passion; freedom and justice, attempting to make the change he wanted to see in the world. That's why passion makes people happy, they are able to find beauty, purpose, and, satisfaction in something they regularly do, and they immerse themselves completely in it and become part of it. That's what makes the happiness last, because they are the ones who created it from their passion, so it's endless because they can do it anytime they like.

One must deeply care for something immaterial to reach true happiness. Feeling empty on the inside is a million times worse than feeling full on the outside. Passion, sympathy, and happiness are what satisfy one with life, these three are what give meaning to life. But the first step to finding long lasting happiness is by loving yourself. How can one expect to find love and happiness when they can't love themselves and feed off of the happiness that comes from loving oneself? Surely, love must come from within-that love must first be for oneself then search and find the type of happiness that truly satisfies them. 

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