New Dualism And The Purpose Of Life Philosophy

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Stelios is not dead and replaced by a clone but he is still the same person as he was. According to New Dualism, Descartes clearly identified the mind with consciousness and self-awareness and to distinguish this from the brain, which was the seat of intelligence. Hence, this is called the formula of the mind-body problem. Mental properties such as consciousness are not physical properties but it is an immaterial property of the world. Descartes discovered that he could doubt whether he had a body, but he could not doubt whether he had a mind. Due to this, Descartes found out that the mind and body were different things. The mind, according to Descartes, was a "thinking thing" and an immaterial substance. The mind, on the other hand, was described as an immaterial entity which is without extension and motion. Descartes argued that only humans have minds, and that the mind interacts with the body at the pineal gland which is said to be "the seat of the soul". This form of dualism proposes that the mind controls the body, but that the body can also influence the otherwise rational mind, such as when people act out of passion. Therefore, in Stelios' case, since he had been on the Telesport Express so many times, and did not feel like as if he is dead as claim by his customer. So, we are very clearly informed that he is not dead but he is still the same Stelios as he was.


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