Governmental Rights and Responsibilities in Canada

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Governmental Rights and Responsibilities in Canada

Rights and responsibilities are very important in a democracy. They play the role of basic elements of democracy. In Canada, All Canadians enjoy certain rights based on Canada's tradition of democracy and respect for human dignity and freedom. These rights are found in Canada's Human Rights Codes and in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They also have similar responsibilities as citizens, which varies depending on the age and the job of the citizen.

First of all, we should take a look at the definition of the both terms: rights and responsibilities. Rights and freedoms refer to all of those things that we are morally or legally entitled to have or to do, while a responsibility is a duty or obligation, which all citizens in democracies have. Rights and responsibilities are often linked to each other. For an example, if we have the right to work and get money, we have the responsibility to be honest and efficient. In a democracy, our rights are linked to other people responsibilities, and the others’ rights are linked to our responsibilities. Without being responsible, other people will not be able to get their rights, and we will not be able to get our rights if other people were not responsible. In general, the whole society in democratic countries is built up on the idea of being responsible, and getting the rights as a result.

People in democracies experience events that deal with their rights and responsibilities, where they must choose between their personal needs and between their responsibilities. Unfortunately, Most people care about their rights and they ignore their responsibilities as citizens. Many problems happen because people want their rights, and no one is responsible. In my personal opinion, I believe that all problems will be solved only if the citizens became more responsible toward the other people in the community they live in. At that time, we would be able to say that we live in a perfect democracy.

The Canadian government has recognized that the rights and responsibilities are the main keys to a perfect democracy. Many codes and laws were issued to make sure that every one gets his rights. As an example, if your rights have been violated by the federal or provincial governments, you can challenge that action in court. If you require legal assistance to enforce your rights, but cannot afford to pay for a lawyer, you may be eligible for free or low-cost Legal Aid in your local community.

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