Afghan Civilian Casualties Politics

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Nearly it has been a decade from existence of international forces in Afghanistan but the situation is degenerating and insurgency is increasing radically. More than thousands of the Afghan civilian casualties were caused by the insurgents fighting the foreign troops. In the mean time, half the causalities inflicted by the Afghan and international forces. "Both anti-government elements (AGEs) and pro-government forces (PGFs) are responsible for the increase in civilian casualties,"( Lack of coordination between Afghan and international forces caused the civilian causalities to climb up drastically. Afghan government and its allies should carry military operations with coordination of each other in order to reduce civilian deaths and injuries.

Particularly, Southern parts of the country suffer the massive amount of civilian causalities. South is the place where the international and Afghan forces are fighting against insurgency. In a report United Nation singled out "Militants were responsible for 55 percent of the deaths, but an additional 39 percent of the victims were killed by coalition and Afghan forces."( Civilian casualties excessively rising, while Afghan and international forces repeatedly made pledges to reduce the civilian death. The civilian causalities by foreign troops have become a high sensitive issue now days. As an illustration, last November in the southern area of Afghanistan, US jets bombed a wedding party and killed many people mainly women and children (

In the meantime, Special Forces and other military units conduct operations with less coordination and outside the normal chains of command, which frequently results the civilian death. In a newly released report by United Nation " Navy Seals and paramilitary units operate by the C.I.A. often conduct raids outside the normal chains of command" ( These irresponsible actions increased dramatically the Afghan civilian concerns; they have more fear from Afghan government and American-led forces (

Civilian causalities issues eroded public support and the credibility of Afghan government and its allies went under question. People are now less supportive and reluctant to help the government in fighting against insurgency. It is also been reported that many people even joined Taliban fighting against government because Afghan government and its allies could not be held accountable for their actions (

In any case, coordination between Afghan and international forces is the only choice to resolve this controversial problem. Recent rising toll in terms of civilian deaths and injuries increase many Afghans anger and turn them against Afghan government and international forces. It is very important for both Afghan and international community to bring a change in to their policy and be accountable for their actions. If the situation remains the same, not only International forces fails but also Afghanistan once again becomes a safe haven for al Qaeda.

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