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Muhammad Hosni Sayyid Mubarak is one of the former politician and military commander of Egypt. He acted as the fourth president of Egypt from the year 1981 to 2011. He was even the vice-president of Egypt in the year 1975 and became the president of Egypt on 14 October 1981, by assassinating the former president. Thus he seems to have a nice political career giving him a great depth of knowledge in that field. It's not so easy to remain at a post for 29 consecutive years. He continued at his posts with various tick and tracks he used various mediums to win the election like buying of votes in rural areas, allowing the non residents of the country to vote by the unfair means there are many stories to tell like this. His ideologies were not positive in terms of the government. The whole government system has been ruined by the policies of Hosni Mubarak. During his reign corruption has gained a great position. People were not happy at all by the policies he laid. The richer were growing richer and the poor were going poorer. The whole power of the government according to him should be in one hand is one hand for the fair governance of a country and he did in the same way grabbing all the powers in his hand. (Hosni (Muhammad) Mubarak, 2011)

POWER BASES of Mubarak as an undisputed ruler:

It's still not clear or it can be said that nobody is still sure about the power base of Hosni Mubarak as an undisputed ruler but different researches has laid different conclusions for this man. The positive points for him are that is inextensible public support and the love of people towards him has made his reign an undisputed period. It is known that even his foreign policies have also been one of the causes for his success for 29 consecutive years. but the points against him are that due to all the money which he extracted from the country and the people and even through the various defense deals he collected a huge sum of money which were in billions of dollars thus he used that money and the power to win the elections of the country till now so still a quest is there to be conquered by not only the Egyptians but also by the whole world about the power bases of Mubarak the ones existed ruler of Egypt.

standard of living in Saudi Arabia:

With the increasing population growth the stander of living should decrease but the country has maintained its economic growth to such an extent that its per capita income has not been altered but to all the amazement it has increased even. It's all due to the hard work of the government that has launched various education policies due to whose effects the educational rate is increasing and leading to increase the per capita income of the country. So the living stander is increasing with an enormous rate and so with it the standard of living of the people. The various aids provided by the government to its citizens in various fields have really made their life easy. Now after such a political change in Egypt people are looking towards a new dawn of the development of their country and even them. So all these factors have lead to a new morning in the countries life.

laws regarding crime and punishment, civil liberties and freedom:

Egypt is a half republic and half presidential underneath emergency law and has been under it since 1967, except an 18 months gap in 1980s which wrecked with the elimination of Anwar Sadat Under this position of law, the police powers are extended with the suspension of the constitutional rights and the restriction is legally recognized. The law stridently circumscribes any non-governmental at the bottom of activity: non-approved political organizations, street demonstrations and unregistered financial contributions are officially banned. Several people are detained under the law, and estimates of prisoners in politics run as elevated as 30,000. Under the "condition of emergency", the administration has the precise to imprison persons for any period of time, and for nearly no reason, thus keeping them in prisons devoid of trials for any episode. The administration continues the assert that hostility groups like that of Muslim brotherhood could come into control in Egypt if the current management did not relinquish parliamentary elections, take away the group's main financiers' belongings, and arrest cluster figureheads, proceedings which are almost impossible with no emergency law and judicial-system self-government deterrence. Thus all the punishments and orders are under the hands of the president whether it's regarding crime or some other things. (Hosni Mubarak)

foreign relationship:

The foreign policies of Egypt operate at a level of non-aligned. The factors of Egypt such as historical events, size of the population, diplomatic expertise's, military strength, strategic geographical positions has given Egypt a political influence in the Africans and the Middle East countries. Thus Cairo has proven to be the crossroad of the Arab culture and commerce for millennia. The Islamic institutions and the intellectual are at the centers of the regions social and cultural development. Its foreign policy is to maintain its security and paramount position on the peninsula of Arabia, to promote solidarity among the governments under Islam, to defend the general and the Arab interests and even the Islamic interests and lastly to maintain a very cooperative and healthy relation with the major oil consuming and oil producing nations. It has healthy relations with the foreign powers due to a common view and belief of oil export and import, regional security, and the sustainable development. Egypt has developed closed consultations between them like the counties of west and few Asian countries. Like its relation with United States of America is quite constant and friendly it is its largest trading partner not only this it has its export and import with other powerful countries also like united kingdom, India, china, and even many gulf countries. It has a clean international reputation which had opened its friendship with the super powers of the globe. It has maintained a sustainable position in the world in western and as well as in the gulf also due to its rich supply of petroleum many nations have diverted towards its friendship. Thus due to its preservative and helpful foreign policies its relation are far better with the powerful countries as compared to the other Islamic nations . During the reign of Hosni Mubarak its relations has improved with its foreign countries he provided a good platform for its foreign policies.

economic and educational development:

Egypt and its political leaders have placed education on the top of the country's demands from the early nineteenth century. This policy has been launched by the government in form of an educational reform which will reach its extreme by the development of the modern schools, equipment and reformation of the present schools, introduction of the developed information technology, and reform in the school curriculum. These changes are being done since few years and even its result can be seen in the present youth of the country who are far more developed from their past. Thus this educational reform has proved very beneficial for the youths and the country. The reports from UNESCO has proved that the rate of education is growing uniformly in Egypt where as the economic development is concerned it is moving on the right track towards development in 1960's it increased its salaries by 39.6% and in other second year plan in around 1970's it increased to 54%. The annual growth of the country is increasing yearly and so is increasing the per capita income

reason for popular discontent in Egypt:

The main reason for the popular discontent in Egypt was the increasing in corruption by Hosni Mubarak who was swallowing the wealth of the country. All the government posts were filled by the people of his relation common people were deprived with it. The police and the army men were given more power and money than they needed. Since 29 years they had a single ruler who was not ready to leave his post irrespective of all the objections by the people, thus all these small things took a large form and turned into popular discontent. The rights of people were suppressed and even their freedom of speech was also in danger. So for the sake of their future people had to revolt against their ruler knowing the loose they might be going to have by the well-wishers that is the rich section of society to them. But in order get off from that prison life they were ready to bear that pain and discontent. . The pre-democracy advocates in Egypt argue that this go next to the values of democracy, which include a fair and right trial procedure to all those who are imprisoned and not only this their policy of right to vote for the party or the candidates of their choice whom they think the best for their country. (Anatomy of a Dictatorship: Hosni Mubarak, 2011)

part B:priority problems that need to be addressed:

The priority problems that need to be addressed are the fundamentals of the country that had been snatched by its former rulers, the freedoms of the country men that had been ruined by its government not only this to all the amazement the freedom of speech of the country has also been snatched so this is the most important problems which first need to be changed. Then one can come upon the financial lankness of the majority of citizens who are facing a lot of problems due to it so if some how these problems are solved by providing job opportunities to the people the standard of living of the people and the literacy rate of them will also get improved. So these were the major problems which need to be cured firstly and then there should be some firm rules added to the constitution so as to avoid the repeating of the history again in future certain rules should be made so that these rules could not be so easily changed in the constitution. The military should be kept far more away from the politics and its influence the day when the military takes participation in politics power imbalance occur military should be made such that it acts on behalf of the constitution. Thus these are the factors which need to be looked upon in the new sun light of Egypt.

steps to change the country better:

The steps taken as a leader in order to chance the present fate of the country would be as per seeing the present circumstances of the region firstly the elections should be made common means that all are allowed to fight for the election a specific body should be created free from political influence who would conduct fair elections. The military should be given total freedom in case of the protection of the constitution any UN desirable should not be allowed to make in the constitution. Free and compulsory education should be given to all till the age of fifteen so as to improve their standard because knowledge is the most valuable gift. Thus it will increase the condition of the country .media and press should be given more freedom then they have now they would be allowed to question on the working of the e government if it goes odd. Election should be made compulsory after every fixed year so as to maintain the respect of elections. All the people who had been deployed of their rights should be given back to them a list of fundamental rights and duties should be made for the residents of Saudi Arabia so as to live a graceful life.

deploy of resources:

The most easy and helpful way to deploy ones resources is by the medium of common men. People among the common men will be selected who will deserve for it. They will be thoroughly trained so that after that they can go between their people and even train and influence them for giving their hands in the construction of a better future. Even military will prove to be very helpful in this process the army men will be utilized for going and participating in the government programs so as to make it successful. Thus it is only possible by the majority support of the people and not only their support but also their interests. So government should apply the way which would create interest in people for the programs of the government.


The kind of leader want to be will be the former ruler of Egypt Hosni Mubarak. Although many people were discontented with him and his policies but still he had a large fan group in the country also one cannot neglect the reason for it. It's because of his policies and deeds. He was loved by the people till a huge time and even he has done well enough for the countries like his foreign policies were the boon for the countries. Among all the Islamic countries Saudi Arabia holds a nice ranking in the list for developed and contented countries. He paid a large emphasis in the relation of his countries with the powerful countries of the world which at time and long gave their support for the development of the country whether it's the financial support or any other kind of support. He even paid a lot of importance to the education of the country as he knew that the education is the nerves of a country if it will grow the country will grow so he invested a lot in the educational sector even he was appreciated also. Nobody is perfect so ha also had some drawbacks which people did not wanted to neglect so his reign came to an end but has worked a lot for the development of Egypt. So this is the leader like whom one wants to become.

assistance from foreign powers:

Saudi Arabia is a country containing resources and man power. Even it is also having the talent till now which were suppressed. But due to the resent incidents held in Egypt the present condition of Egypt requires a bit time to evaluate its past but the thing which is lacking at the present moment is the money. And this is only due to the lack of the governing body of Egypt which were too irresponsible because the petroleum mines earn enough for the country to develop but due to the lack of a body to control and even due to the so many ups and downs the country had a huge loss of economy which cannot be filled in the recent days so the support which Egypt needs from the foreign powers is the financial support to their country for their redevelopment. Thus these are the present need of the country which at certain times provided to many of the countries the financial support.

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