Present Security Situation In Afghanistan Politics

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The Taliban have made significant inroads in the recent months, consolidating their grip in the South and East, securing their safe havens inside Pakistan and opening new fronts in the North. Taliban leaders are now convinced that the US and its allies will soon be compelled to accept the facts on the ground and abandon Afghanistan in a few years [] . Although the American led WOT had broken the back of the Taliban regime and the Al Qaeda network in Afghanistan, there groups have regrouped and have started threatening the fragile peace prevailing in the region. Evidence of the resilient character of the Taliban's structure is the fact and the killing of major Taliban leaders has not reversed the Taliban's momentum. In fact, the Taliban have always been able to regroup after tactical setbacks due to the resilience of their political structure. Meanwhile, the Taliban have built on the growing discontent of Afghans through a relatively sophisticated propaganda apparatus, which employs radio, video, and night letters. Videos, made in Al-Sahab, the Taliban's media center in Quetta, Pakistan, are readily available and have had a devastating effect to sow seeds of anti US feelings in the region.


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