What Are The Uses Of Biomass

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Biomass is the oldest fuel that we use today. For thousands of years wood was primarily used for burning or cooking but the last century has seen a sharp decrease in the use of wood because of the use of fossil fuels. Before the concern for our planet surged and the research of renewable energy biomass was in decline due to the efficiency of fossil fuels people couldn't imagine a world not powered by fossil fuels. However as with all great things they must come to an end, and with the growing concern for the environment and global warming the resulting outcome is an enormous return to natural and clean resources of energy such as biomass.The term biomass comes from a variety of renewable fuels to make a renewable energy.Biomass is sourced from the energy of the sun through a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis captures the energy from the sun in plants, as seen in Figure 1. When these plants are burned they give off the energy that was stored in the plant.

Biomass is a non fossil renewable carbon resource which can be turned into an energy resource thereby producing an ideal substitute for the fossil fuels. The most common examples of biomass are:Short rotation forestry (willow, poplar)2.

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